US Olympian Keshi Kr Unveils Highly Anticipated Song ‘Motto’

Keshi Kr Drops Poignant Song ‘Motto’ Reflecting Personal Journey. In her new music, Keshi Kr’s ‘Motto’ Delivers a Powerful Message of Peace and Resilience.
Renowned athlete and multifaceted talent, Keshi Kr, also known as Kelsey Campbell, has announced the upcoming release of her latest musical creation, ‘Motto.’ The song is scheduled to drop on October 18, 2023, and promises to captivate audiences with its unique blend of pop, R&B, sad girl style genre, hip hop, dance, and inspirational elements.

‘Motto’ is a song that speaks to Keshi’s personal journey and transformation. As the first female wrestler for Arizona State University, Keshi was in a period of change when she re-entered the world of music. The song’s creation took shape in a Costco parking lot, reflecting her raw and authentic experiences. ‘Motto’ began as a rhythmic spoken word poem, boldly showcasing Keshi Kr’s unfiltered story and addressing topics like mental health struggles that she once kept hidden.
As the pieces of her life fell into place, ‘Motto’ evolved into a powerful and cohesive narrative. The studio chosen to bring her vision to life, Cosmic Soup Recording Studios, perfectly matched the heartfelt creation. Touching on intimate subjects close to her heart, Keshi’s candid admission that this level of openness wouldn’t have been possible in a different time frame adds a profound layer of depth to the song, elevating it beyond just music. ‘Motto’ stands as a testament to her resilience and the transformative strength of art. By sharing her journey, Keshi Kr invites listeners into her world, creating a safe space for them to reflect on their own experiences.
With unabashed honesty, Keshi shares, “In a different life, there is no way I would’ve been able to be open about some of the things I sing about in this song.” This candid disclosure adds a layer of depth to ‘Motto’, elevating it beyond just a musical creation.

About Keshi Kr
Keshi Kr, also known as Kelsey Campbell, is a trailblazing individual who has achieved excellence across diverse fields. A two-time US Olympic Trials champion, she gained prominence as both Olympic Team Qualifier and the first female wrestler to represent Arizona State University. Beyond her athletic achievements, Keshi is an accomplished entrepreneur, founding RbKxBLB, an innovative upcycling Look Book. She is also an author, with a forthcoming children’s picture book titled “I Am A Worldchanger.” Keshi’s creative journey extends into music, where she weaves a unique blend of genres in her captivating songs.
To offer audiences a glimpse of the artistic brilliance that ‘Motto’ embodies, a lyric video visualizer will be available on YouTube:
Fans and enthusiasts can pre-save ‘Motto’ by Keshi Kr on various platforms using the following link: The song is expected to leave an indelible mark with its diverse musical influences and resonating message. The forthcoming release, ‘Motto’, is a reflection of Keshi Kr’s personal journey, presented as an empowering anthem. The song resonates with the idea that peace holds the highest priority in life, interpreted differently by various individuals. With ‘Motto’, Keshi Kr aims to deliver a positive and special message to her listeners. For more information, please visit Keshi Kr social media profiles.
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