Ugaton To The World

Kampala, Nakawa, Uganda — “A true masterpiece” is not enough to describe Lecuk Legendz’ latest album, Ugaton to the world. Taking the whole Ugandan music industry by storm, the young legend is destined to leave a big mark in the entire African music industry with this very revolutionary project which showcases his superb versatility as well as his unique ability to inspire and uplift the souls of anyone fortunate enough to interact with his world of sound.

Embarking on a musical adventure to create a new genre of Ugandan music, Ugaton, Lecuk released his third studio album on 29th of January, 2023 as a birthday gift to his fans Worldwide. As one of the pioneers of the New Wave, a new generation of upcoming urban Ugandan artists whose primary goal is to export as much high quality urban sound as possible, Lecuk Legendz releases Ugaton to the World also as a milestone to celebrate the forward momentum of the revolution. It is available on all music streaming platforms.

“Superman comes from Krypton but I come from Ugaton and music is my super power.” Lecuk Legendz always loves to remind his fans. “My dream with this album is to inspire the young generation to always be true to themselves and always let their light shine bright.” Lecuk adds.
Besides displaying his versatility, Lecuk Legendz fuses Ugandan sounds with other genres both within and outside the realm of afrobeats to create Ugaton. He has collaborated with the best urban producers in the country like Axon, Cmert Keyz, Dny Beats etc to achieve his distinct sound.

It took two and a half years of artistic evolution, strong commitment and incredible passion to get the album done.With his music on replay, his fast growing audience is very eager to see what the future holds for the rising legend.

Music videos of hits from the album like Magneto (featuring Akeine), Munda Wano and Life of the Party are expected to drop soon starting with Magneto on the 29th of March. Lecuk Legendz always delivers quality and that’s why big crowds are very attracted to his energy.

All in all, Ugaton to the World world is a world class exceptional album that deserves to be listened to by everyone across the earth because the vibe and overall energy of this extraordinary piece of music is borderless and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the rising legend.

Ugaton to the World is available on all music streaming platforms :




Lecuk Legendz (born Martin Ocen) is the freshest Artist and Music Producer out of the new wave of urban Ugandan music. Crafting unique Urban sound (UGATON) with producers like Axon, Cmert Keyz, Dny Beats, Ronie On Dis One and others, his music is bound to set you on an exciting listening adventure into his very rare creative genius.
UGATON is a fusion genre that combines the native flavor of Ugandan dance-hall with elements from various other genres, both within and outside the realm of Afrobeats. Lecuk’s versatility ranges from Afro-Pop to RnB, Dance hall to trap and more. He started releasing music in 2017 when he was still in High School.
An African Dreamer, his debut album, was published on 7th March 2021 followed by his second album titled ‘God in Me’ which was published on 25th July 2023.
His third studio album, Ugaton to the World, is now available on all music streaming platforms.


Lecuk Legendz
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