U.K. Solo Artist of the Year Superstar Sam Stevens and Global Phenomena DJ Tony Moran Set To Release New Single Remix “Common Ground” Via TRAX Records February 14, 2019

Orgasmic House Label TRAX Records announces new remixed single “Common Ground” to be unleashed on February 14, 2019. The track features vocals by U.K. 2018 Solo Artist of the Year, Sam Stevens remixed by master producer and internationally acclaimed DJ Tony Moran.

A song appropriate and perhaps the very salvation for the destiny our planet, considering its current and critical climate, “Common Ground” was written by chart topping song writer, inspirational speaker and philanthropist, Mike Greenly, music professor Gil Polk and romantic pop artist Sam Stevens. The original mix has been creating a buzz as British Prime Minister Theresa May recently called for the people of Great British to find “common ground” in her Christmas speech last year. The topic was also mentioned by Golden Globe Film of the Year winner for Green Book, director/writer/producer, Peter Farrelly in his recent acceptance speech.

English artist, Singer/songwriter, Sam Stevens dashes back and forth over the pond bringing romantic inspiration to audiences through his heart felt passionate musical and lyrical compositions. Having just been awarded U.K. Solo Artist of the Year (2018), the handsome and charming “James Bond of the Music World” (dubbed by Huff Post and Louder Than War), has already stolen the hearts of many with sensuous hits including, “My Kind of Crazy”, “Don’t Cry”, and “Poetry in Motion.” It was shear destiny that Stevens combined creativity with Greenly, Polk and Moran and together they found a “Common Ground.”…..”I Believe in humanity. I really do believe in people.” Stevens stated. Regarding the song he went on to say: “All of us have incredible compassion and a sense of humanity. Every single one of us. We’re all programmed that way. The shame is we’ve allowed ourselves to be reprogrammed and divided for political expediency. We are being used and we’re losing our humanity. It’s time to get back to who we really are. By all means disagree with people but remember, people, ALL people, are predominately good and basically the same…..So, stop looking for the things that divide us and see the things that we have in common, our Common Ground.”

Anthony “Tony” Moran is a globally demanded D.J., record producer, remixer, Singer and songwriter, and a powerful master of all. In 2007 he was recognized for having hit number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart twice in one year with “Walk Away” featuring Kristine W, and “Keep Your Body Working” Martha Wash. He has also recently had 4 number one Billboard charted hits in 2016′ and 2017. Moran has remixed work from top artists including Madonna, George Michael, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Selena Gomez and many others. In 2016 he was ranked as one of the top 100 DJ’s of all time….. “I have been blessed to work with so many talented people in the music industry over decades of time. I have to say there is a key and common denominator that makes these people different from the outside pop singer category, and that is to have an identity. To have a signature that allows you to convey to communicate the songs in which you feel touch others. That is what I feel about Sam Stevens. That he is right up there at the top of being able to do that at the superstar level. That is how I feel about Sam Stevens and that is why it was such a pleasure to record him. So congratulations Sam Stevens and I can’t wait to see that chart position”.

Mike Greenly is an esteemed writer, author, entrepreneur, and lyricist, who is also the former vice president of Avon products. He is also known as an in-demand and world respected corporate motivational speech writer. As a lyricist he has worked with Kimberly Davis from Chic and Niles Rogers. Greenly has had several charting records including “With You” that reached number 4 on Billboard. He also had the honor of writing the state of Virginia’s anthem, “Our Great Virginia”. “I am proud to have co-written a song that expresses what I believe my country and the world most desperately needs-mutual respect, understanding and tolerance. I’m thrilled by what talented artists Sam Stevens and Tony Moran have created with the special dance mix!”

Gil Polk is an award-winning singer/song writer, having won the 2017 Top 40-page contest from the Nashville Songwriters Association International, for his song, “When You’re Awake”. He is also a U.K. International Song Contest Finalist, and International Song of the Year semifinalist. Aside from music Polk is also an actor who has appeared in films including: “The Sinner” and “The Jester”. “When we disregard entire populations or groups, political or otherwise, because they may hold collective believes different than our own, we are missing out on the strengths and the good that can rise from our COMMON beliefs. This song reminds us to keep our hearts and minds open to those possibilities as we search for the common ground we ALL share.”

TRAX Records is A legendary house music record label born in Chicago. It played a major role in the development of house music with records such as “Jamie Principle & Frankie Knuckle’s “Your Love”. TRAX was the first record company to put the DJs name on its label, thereby creating extreme demand for the DJ and causing their popularity to rise overwhelmingly. One of the first artists to be signed by TRAX was Screamin’ Racheal who is now the President of TRAX and dubbed “Queen of House Music” by Billboard Magazine. “Sam Stevens has a fantastic voice and is a wonderful live performer out of the UK. We are extremely excited about his TRAX debut “Common Ground” This is definitely going to be at dance floor SMASH HIT!!! How can you miss with the AMAZING Tony Moran as the remixer!!!!”

Photo Credit: Billy Hess www.billyhess.com