Top 15 iTunes Singer-Songwriter Pete Miller Releases Ultra-personal Single and Lyric Video

The Prayze Factor Awards nominee and Red Carpet Awards Holland nominee has released his 4th single and first lyric video, “I Wrote Hannah A Letter.”

Energetic, dynamic and charming – Pete Miller is the epitome of all things that make indie folk music great. He has been quickly rising through the ranks with his heartfelt and rich, lyrical tunes. His debut album, “Live On Record” (MTS Records) boasts two Top 20 UK iTunes hits, including the Top 15 track, “The Raven and the Dove.” Tracks from the album have been streamed more than 270K times on Spotify, ushering in multiple nominations for both the Prayze Factor Awards and the Red Carpet Holland Awards.

Now, Pete Miller has unveiled his latest single, “I Wrote Hannah A Letter.” It is a beautifully crafted track that captures the essence of longing, heartache, and finally, acceptance. The song was inspired by Miller’s own experience of expressing his feelings through writing letters, and it is a touching tribute to all those who are separated by distance, be it physical or emotional.

The lyric video for “I Wrote Hannah A Letter” is equally heartwarming and provides the perfect visual accompaniment to the song. Pete Miller’s intimate vocals, tender guitar playing, and carefully written lyrics create an endearing atmosphere filled with lucid imagery and poignant melodies.

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When not making music, Pete Miller is working blue collar jobs that he finds around him. Studying mechanics part-time, he often takes up work at warehouses, lumber yards, construction sites and more. With his music, he aims to reflect on the blue-collar lifestyle and share his deepest feelings in stripped-down and down-to-earth songs. More details about the new single “I Wrote Hannah a Letter” can be seen at