The Strategy Mindset: 2.0 by Chuck Bamford

The previous edition of Dr. Chuck Bamford’s The Strategy Mindset 2.0: A Practical Guide to the Design and Implementation of Strategy already stood as one of the definitive works of its type available to business professionals at any level. Bamford’s revamped take on the first version deepens its value for readers without ever deviating from its original spirit and goals. Bamford’s personality comes through as strong as ever, a crucial difference between this book and others of its type, and the same dedication to building its merits on thorough research and universal substance is one of The Strategy Mindset’s core strengths. Even a cursory reading of this book gives readers ample evidence for why it should be regarded as a lasting text in the field, deeper than any textbook, and possessing longer lasting value than any “method of the moment” promoted in vague and untenable “how to” guides on the subject.


There is a little humor in reading Bamford’s ruthless dissection of such books in The Strategy Mindset’s introduction. It is evident reading the book’s opening that Bamford doesn’t suffer fools gladly, but the book to its credit avoids finger pointing or lecturing readers for their own failures. Bamford distinguishes this book in a number of ways, but one important component standing out among the first rank is how invested Bamford seems in the success of those who turn to The Strategic Mindset for help. He has a sense of mission about his work. Bamford surveyed the world of literature on this subject, saw it lacking, and filled in the gap with his own authoritative take on the subject.

It is authoritative if nothing else. Bamford brings the full force of over twenty years working with a wide array of organizations and companies to bear making his case for readers. Like any serious thinker in this area, Bamford is more about putting concepts into play rather than treating everything as an academic exercise. A meaningful portion of this book devotes itself to defining various paths entrepreneurs and leadership alike can take to delineate a strategic vision for their company/corporation/organization and placing those plans into effect.

He reinforces his ideas with wide research into the issues at hand. Swaths of data, occasional visual accompaniment, footnotes, and examples he culls from the modern world further substantiate his arguments for readers. Bamford’s long experience in this area gives him the luxury of anticipating every angle and he does a masterful job of highlighting those talents for those reading The Strategic Mindset. His examples are never obscure; they will are attention grabbing and irrefutable.


The Strategy Mindset 2.0: A Practical Guide to the Design and Implementation of Strategy will be a part of the literature of business strategy for many years to come. One reading of this book alone shows why Chuck Bamford is one of the more respected voices on the subject and an award winning educator with numerous books already to his credit. This latest work is his definitive word on the subject; any further offerings will likely cover new ground.

Clay Burton