The Screaming Pope Releases Two New Groundbreaking Albums In February And Achieves A Significant Following

Boston, Massachusetts — The Screaming Pope releases two more new albums in February

“Silence” and “Heartstone” are two new albums released by the Screaming Pope this February that are unique and accessible forays into new styles of Electronic Music

A previous album has been reviewed as “A Celestial Electronic Odyssey”, and another said “Experience all the levels of Euphoria there is to achieve from music”

These two new albums combine many different styles of music, not even necessarily just typical Electronic styles, which makes them unique and sets them apart from others in the genre

The Screaming Pope releases two unique albums this February for your enjoyment and appreciation

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The Screaming Pope is the latest project from Techno Music Veteran George Bolton. You can find more at


The Screaming Pope
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