The Safety Word & Valoramous’ Hit Track ‘Amnesia’ Gets a Mind-Blowing Remix!

Melbourne, VIC, Australia — Melbourne’s own atmospheric synthwave duo, The Safety Word, and US-based EDM producer, Valoramous, have teamed up once again to bring you an exciting new remix of their hit track “Amnesia”. After receiving over 40K streams and being a fan favorite, the original track has been given a fresh twist with a new progressive house-style remix by the talented Robodop Snei.

Robodop Snei is a German electronic music project founded by Daniel Eschbach in the late 90s. Based in Melbourne since 2005, he creates spaced-out psychedelic synth-pop using analog synthesizers. Renowned for his tight-knit production skills and rhythmic layering techniques, and he has taken this already popular track to new heights. With pulsating bass, surgical vocal chops, and robot-styled vocoder vocals, the remix delivers a dynamic sound that’s sure to set dance floors on fire and festival speakers ablaze.

“Collaborating with Robodop Snei on this remix was an amazing experience. We wanted to create a new version of ‘Amnesia’ that would push the boundaries of electronic dance music and bring something fresh to the table. We’re thrilled with the result and can’t wait for our fans to hear it.” – The Safety Word

The remix has been meticulously produced to create a powerful, dance-inducing track that’s perfect for clubs and festivals alike. The pulsating bassline and dynamic rhythms will have listeners hooked from the very first beat, while the intricate layering of synths and vocals will keep them engaged throughout the entire track. The Safety Word, Valoramous, and Robodop Snei are all respected names in the electronic dance music scene, and this collaboration is a testament to their creativity and skill. Their passion for pushing the boundaries of electronic dance music is evident in this remix, and it promises to be a highlight of the year for fans of the genre.

The Safety Word, Valoramous, and Robodop Snei have created an innovative electronic dance music masterpiece that will be released on March 31st. The remix of “Amnesia” seamlessly blends the emotive synths and powerful vocals of the original track with Snei’s progressive house-style to deliver an entirely new feel. The exceptional sound quality and pulsating energy of the remix are set to be a game-changer in the electronic dance music scene. Don’t miss out on this unique musical journey.

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The Safety Word is a symphony of atmospheric synth pop, weaving a tapestry of dreamy soundscapes and emotive lyrics. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, John Rousvanis and Simon Quinn are the creators behind this band, and they have been entrancing audiences with their unique blend of ethereal vocals, melodic synths, and introspective lyrics.

John and Simon’s love for creating music that evokes emotion and atmosphere led them to each other, where they met in the live music scene in Melbourne. They quickly realized that they shared a passion for creating music that transports the listener to a different place and time, and together, they formed The Safety Word. The band’s name is a metaphor for the idea of their music being a sanctuary, a place where one can feel safe and be enveloped in a cocoon of warmth and familiarity, an escape from the stress of modern life.

Their self-titled debut was released in 2019, and it received critical acclaim for its lush soundscapes, and introspective lyrics. The band has been compared to the likes of Boo Seeka, Bob Moses, and Cub Sport for their ethereal sound and emotive performances. Their music is a reflection of the human experience, an escape, a sanctuary, and a balm for the soul. It’s atmospheric, dreamy, and has a hint of melancholy that will keep you coming back for more.

The Safety Word is more than just a band, it’s an experience. They’re constantly pushing the boundaries of the synth pop genre and creating a unique sound that is both nostalgic and fresh. With their emotive performances and introspective lyrics, The Safety Word’s music is like a sanctuary, a place where you can be enveloped in a cocoon of warmth and familiarity, an escape from the stress of modern life.


The Safety Word
Name: Simon Quinn
Address: 24 Kennilworth St, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
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