The Remarkable Rise of Lil Paid

Lil Paid has been having an amazing run in the industry, and he’d like to keep it that way. The 21-year-old rapper has spent the past 15 minutes teaching me how he took over the music game and making it his world.

Inside the headquarters of Foundation and AMG Entertainment, the most successful upcoming hip-hop label currently operating in New York, three green dice bounce against the wooden floor. Paid, born Emmanuel Lyles is a well-known upcoming artist coming out of Detroit, MI.
Lil Paid is, by many metrics, one of the most popular artist coming up in the world right now. He has an track of hundreds and thousands streams on album in the country this year, and even came with a major roll out from upcoming projects Industry Run with his artist Roug 9. Before he was a rapper, Paid was a constant presence in the orbit of AMG. When other heavy hitters, were cutting their teeth in the label’s studio, he was right there, not rapping. A weed dealer with a prodigious reputation,
Paid would wait for rappers to return from shows flush with cash that he might take from them, one way or another.