“The Reason” by Norman Alexander

A ringing telephone and a maudlin piano open the heart-punching ballad that is “The Reason” by Norman Alexander. One of MLife Records’ featured artists, Norman Alexander’s star seems to be on the rise. The video for “The Reason” has amassed around a million and a half views, and that number is increasing as of this writing. Norman is something of an enigma, preferring to allow his music to be the focus. He has a quiet and strong maturity about him that accommodates his powerhouse vocal approach well.

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“The Reason” adheres to a relatively typical ballad arrangement. Fans of Adele’s more introspective work will probably enjoy this track, for example. The story is seemingly told from the perspective of someone who is wracked with guilt and sorrow over a failed relationship. It’s heavily implied that the relationship was destroyed as a result of the narrator’s infidelity. To his credit, Alexander captures the emotional gravitas of the piece with compelling accuracy.

What do you do when your world burns down/and it’s getting cold/lips turning blue/and you’re breathing out/but don’t wanna let go. The poignancy of the lyrics for “The Reason” can’t be understated, even if they are shrouded in heartbreak. Alexander’s delivery of them tugs at both your heartstrings and your voice box as he says the things that make us involuntarily quiver. Quite often, a performer frames themselves as the protagonist in their story, but this is the exact opposite. The reason, no pun intended, that so many have connected with this track is likely because Norman is singing about what they feel but can’t speak.

On the subject of Norman Alexander’s vocal style, we have a singer who is something of an anomaly. You don’t really develop a voice with the range and substance of a Norman Alexander, you’re born with it. Much like Charles Bradley, Vandross, or Barry White, Norman has a voice that completely subdues people. The man is an instant marvel, and there are no limits to how naturally gifted he is. He’s the type of singer that a label will sign simply based on the power of his voice.

The music video for “The Reason,” which has taken YouTube by storm, was a collaboration between Alexander and Eko Media Productions. Alexander has gone out of his way to praise Eko. In order to get a deeper experience with the track, it’s highly recommended that you check out the video. It depicts Alexander as a deep but tortured character with a massive and looming presence. You’ll likely perceive the song with even more emotional resonance after seeing the video.

The Reason

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I recently rediscovered the tremendous Garth Brooks track, “More Than A Memory.” You could draw some parallels between “The Reason” and Garth’s track, with the key difference being the gritty realism of the former. This is a primal and guttural track that disavows self-pity by displaying it without indulgence. “The Reason” is less for the fainthearted and more for those with hearts turning to stone, despite their lucidity. Sometimes the only way to heal is to embrace the reason.

Clay Burton