The Future of House EDM

"Can You Feel" Out Now

Originally from Los Angeles, Klarck is a producer and DJ who is currently studying Music Technology at New York University. While studying Business Economics at University of California in his undergraduate program, Kevin exposed himself to all different genres of music, and eventually found EDM. Electronic Dance Music gave him the powerful urge to begin composing and producing music on his own. Klarck has recorded multiple classical recordings in Prague for surround sound system, and he has also been producing remixes and his own tracks aside from graduate school. Klarck’s music is best described as deep and tropical house with the influence of afro house and experimental music that create a unique sonic experience to the ear. Klarck is currently working as a Music Production Assistant at Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music and an Assistant Audio Engineer at Corner Store Studios.

“Can You Feel” by Klarck captivates the moments in time of happiness and excitement. Whether if people are dancing to music at festivals, or people listening to music while driving, this track creates a narrative and a new perspective of how much melodies and percussions can impact one’s experience. The soft touch to the track diverges Klarck’s style from many mainstream producers, and every part in the song represents an element deeper than the rhythm itself.