The Belle Curves Pay Homage To Their Hometown With Heartfelt Music Video “Rosé Drive-Thru”

From The Studio Album ‘Watershed’, Listen HERE

NEW YORK, NEW YORK | JULY 29, 2022: Today The Belle Curves have released the official visual for “Rosé Drive-Thru” – the latest single from their newly released studio album, Watershed. “Rosé Drive-Thru” in its lyricism highlights the highs and lows of a successful singer-songwriter, with easy harmonies and a melancholy feel – noting that the grass is always greener on the other side. Accompanying the single release is the song’s official music video, which premiered exclusively with americana-tailored publication Americana UK. The video follows Delaney Hafener on a crisp summer morning, including walks on the beach and cuts of live instrumental shots and electric guitars in between.

Delaney Hafener sings fondly of her hometown, close to the wealth of East Hampton. In “Rosé Drive-Thru,” Haufner appreciates where she grew up and the perspective that it gave her, enough so to write the latest track.

“In the fall of 2020, I was working from home in my family’s old farmhouse and doing a lot of freelance audio work in East Hampton, and there’s really only one main road to get out there. It goes past highly manicured estates, golf courses, and vineyards. It’s really beautiful. There is one particular winery known for its rosé (which is honestly really delicious) and they had a sign on the side of the road for a while that said “rosé drive-thru” on it. As in, you could go pick up your bottles of wine to bring back to your beach house that you escaped to from the upper east side or park slope and not have to risk getting covid. It was so incredibly “let them eat cake” and it just stuck with me.

I grew up in a low-income community, where kids I went to school with may not have stable housing, and the only food they get each day is the school lunches. I have a complicated relationship with my hometown, as most people do, but I am forever grateful for the empathy that living there gave me. The beauty and comfort of the hamptons is so enticing though, and the whole time I was doing this freelance work I found myself feeling removed from regular, working people. My family had just left my hometown and moved one town over to live in the old farmhouse that used to be my grandparents’.

I would leave this comfortable big house where I live for free with my parents, get on the highway, and see mostly only beautiful things on my leisurely drive east. The first time I left home and went west instead of east was actually kind of jarring, and I remember thinking “woah, it is very easy to forget how most people are experiencing this pandemic, and this economy more broadly.” I don’t ever want to forget that.”
– Delaney Hafener of The Belle Curves

Long Island, New York may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of country-Americana music with a strong rural connection, but you might think differently after spending some time with the work of singer-songwriter Delaney Hafener. The driving force behind The Belle Curves, Hafener has a way of turning your assumptions upside down. Whatever preconceived notions you harbor about country music, the USA, love, relationships, identity and belonging, you’ll likely find yourself looking from a newfound vantage point after hearing a few Belle Curves songs. Though certainly incisive, Hafener’s music also conveys consideration, thoughtfulness, and a sincere desire to know what it’s like in another person’s shoes, even when taking them to task. Hafener approaches her songwriting from the premise that country music, and American roots music more generally, have infinite room to grow, even as she honors all the tradition that precedes her.

Be sure to watch the music video for “Rosé Drive-Thru” via The Belle Curves’ official YouTube channel, and listen to the new sophomore LP Watershed here.

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