Tammy Mariah Releases ‘Can’t Take It Back’

Northampton’s rising pop star Tammy Mariah reveals her second self-penned single entitled ‘Can’t Take It Back’. Tammy Mariah uses her voice and a growing audience of over 130k TikTok Followers to spread her message of self-empowerment and self-love.

‘Can’t Take It Back’ is a message of self-confidence and addressing betrayal around people who lie and let you down in life. The primary message is about ”Once someone burns you; they can’t take that back, they don’t deserve any more of your time – so be done with it and them”. ‘Can’t Take It Back’ also acts as a taster of Tammy Mariah’s debut album which expands on similar themes of self-confidence and self-empowerment. The video for Tammy Mariah’s debut single ‘Go Away’ was on the UK and Ireland MTV playlist for 4 weeks, and reached Number 13 in the Club MTV’s Big Top 20 charts. Also hitting Number 7 in the Music Week Commercial Pop charts. ‘Go Away’ is currently making waves Internationally on Radio, TV and Club promotions – paving the way for the release of ‘Can’t Take It Back’.

The video for ‘Can’t Take It Back’ will premiere on YouTube and will coincide with the release of the Wilson & Smokin Jack Hill Remix and Radio Edit on that day too.

‘Can’t Take It Back’ is produced by Jan ‘Janski’ Lindvaag, and co-written with Tammy Mariah and Janski. It will be released on TamStarz Limited/Nip N Tuck Music via The Orchard /Sony distributor.