Take A Trip Upon A New Psychedelic-Alt.Folk Album “ParaNormal FrequencieZ”

About The Release

Zach Mac returns to release his psychedelic alternative folk record “ParaNormal FrequencieZ.” The album features twelve eclectic tracks that encapsulate Zach’s unique sound that will hook any listener. The powerful guitar riffs radiate a euphoric aura while the lyricism paints a canvas for the listener. The complex and psychedelic instrumentation contrasts Zach Mac’s laidback, soothing vocals seamlessly. “ParaNormal FrequencieZ” delivers a nostalgic alternative rock sound from the past while fusing it with today’s modern psychedelic styles and fashion. Undoubtedly, the eclectic record with any music aficionado who craves a different sound. At just 21 years old, Zach Mac showcases his creativity and proves why he is a force to be reckoned with. “ParaNormal FrequencieZ” will take listeners on a multi-dimensional sonic journey that will leave anyone wanting more. The album will be available on all digital streaming platforms on April 2nd.

Zach Mac

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