Sugar Addikt Releases “LMBT1”

Sugar Addikt’s “LMBT1” (Let Me Be The One) is here to make you think and dance. Sugar Addikt embraces the dance floor by blending their unique sound with heartfelt ideologies that speak to the soul. It’s hard to categorize Sugar Addikt they take elements of EDM, trance, pop, and tech to create a timeless sound that’s all their own. “LMBT1” connects the past to the present with beats reminiscent of Depeche Mode and ethereal vocals that give Eurhythmics a run for their money. Its really the dynamic subject matter of “LMBT1” that takes it to another level. This isn’t any ordinary love song, this track touches on expectations in relationships and that not everyone has them. Lead vocalist and songwriter Vanessa Littrell uses evocative language to convey the truth about wanting to be with someone for all the right reasons. Sugar Addikt subverts what you know about dance music and turns it into an experience of its own.


From the moment that “LMBT1” begins you know that you’re in for a good time. Sugar Addikt  doesn’t lean into any sunny dispositions to ensure that you’ll have a good time. Instead they lean into to anthemic and cinematic sounds that just make you feel cool. The percussive beat drives most of the song giving you something to dance to, while the atmosphere of the song has the ability to transport you to a world of your own making.  When “LMBT1” begins you’re not sure what you’re in for, you just know its going to be good. The beat feels futuristic and moody until Littrell’s retro vocals come in to balance the track out. Her poignant lyrics and Annie Lennox-esque vocals propel “LMBT1” into a realm of its own. Sugar Addikt is able to bring “LMBT1” to a modern audience through enticing music and heartfelt messages.

Its really Sugar Addikt’s lyrics that elevate “LMBT1” from any other dance track. Lyrically, Littrell leaves no stone unturned and isn’t afraid to speak the truth about falling for someone. As of late, its easy to get very jaded when it comes to love and romance. Too many people have had negative experiences that have burned them, or they can’t free themselves from the jaws of expectations. It can become easy to lose faith in genuine desire and love but that’s where Sugar Addikt steps in. Instead of leaning into that negativity Sugar Addikt takes a more positive approach with their unique lyrical perspective. Littrell lays out the different reasons people may hurt someone else, whether its because of something they’re going through or because of an agenda they have. Then Littrell sings about how she’s not asking for much, not expecting anything from this person, and ultimately that she respects who they are and wants to be with them simply because she likes them. Respect is a rare topic for music to address but Littrell does it beautifully.


Listen to Lmbt1 on Spotify. Sugar Addikt · Single · 2022 · 1 songs.

I found myself completely blown away by “LMBT1” when I first listened to it. Not only was I thinking about my own love life but I felt seen and heard. On top of that, “LMBT1” makes you feel like you’re in a night club on a different planet. Sugar Addikt is able to transport you somewhere else and make you feel like someone understands you there. There’s a rather magical essence to “LMBT1” that makes you want it to go on forever. Sugar Addikt really is on the pulse of something exciting and innovative. They know how to make their messages hit people hard and stick to them. “LMBT1” brings a whole new meaning to where house music can go and what it can offer people.

Clay Burton