Started With Nothing Now Shaking the New York Music Scene “Introducing You Lizbeth Concepcion”

1. What is your artist name or what name do you go by?

My name is Lizbeth, my close friends call me Lizz

2. What city do you represent?

I was born and raised in New York City. Fortunately, I have lived in Washington Heights all of my life surrounded by the strong Dominican culture.

3. What got you started making music, or your craft?

Since I was young, I have loved music. I danced before I could speak. I was six years old when I started to play congas, back when my legs were too tiny to support the drum. 13 years later, the congas had become part of me. I have a history as an instrumentalist and have been fortunate enough to participate in prestigious programs in the Manhattan School of Music and Jazz at Lincoln Center. This knowledge was a direct gateway into my recent interests in managing. I joined an internship that opened my eyes a bit more to all the possible jobs in the music industry and came across the Music business book by Donald S. Passman. I learned that a personal manager for an artist could simply be someone who truly cares about you. This gave me the confidence to believe that I could manage my big brother, Danilo. From that point forward, we have been trying to educate ourselves as much as possible to give him a strong career

4. Any goals you want to achieve this year?

This year I want to build strong and meaningful relationships with others in the music industry, and help Danilo build a bigger/solid fanbase.

5. Anyone you would like to work with?

I really want to work with people that can help me learn more about management and/or talent scouting, and offer me great opportunities to make connections. More specifically I came across a wonderful community, She is the Music. As a young woman who has been in the world of music for many years I’ve often felt the lack of female representation and feel that this community will give me a sense of belonging.

6. Any up and coming artist you look up to or would like to shout out?

I’d first like to shout out every artist who performed at the first event created by Danilo and I. Our first Caribbean Fest in 2021 was a true success because of their participation. However, my artist deserves the biggest shoutout. He is a true entrepreneur and has been my biggest motivator in pursuing my creative passions. His perseverance and dedication will reward him and I cannot wait to see what 2022 has in store for Danilo.

7. What is the most recent project you’re working on?

I am currently working on marketing and promotion in the hopes to target countries outside of the United States. Danilo is a bilingual artist and loves to put his own Spanglish flare in any genre he enjoys from dancehall, to Reggeaton and more. I believe this can pave the way for Danilo to make it globally!

8. What struggles do you go through as an up and coming artist?What struggles do you go through as an up and coming artist?

The most significant struggle I have as an upcoming personal manager would be the lack of connections and guidance that I have. Often I take substantial risks and go into things blindlyーwhich is not an issue because I learn from all my experiences. However, it would be nice to be in a room with people who have similar passions so that we can help each other in the areas we may need more help.

9. How do you overcome these struggles?

I know that the struggles I encounter right now will not last forever. I will overcome these obstacles by learning more and more every day and taking advantage of any opportunity to grow. With the words of encouragement from my friends and family, I see myself staying determined in this career path.

You could find more of my work in the link below.