Seseley Monat J Announces New Single ‘Clap’

Jacksonville, Florida – Seseley Monat J has been writing and performing music for nearly her entire life, but in recent years the profile of the Atlantic Beach born Soprano with falsetto tendencies has truly found it’s footing as she seeks to create an even wider lane in the adult R&B/Hip Hop music category. She is rapidly establishing herself as a voice in modern music and has compiled several feel-good, sensual and introspective songs set for release this year that will add to her fanbase, but also see her realize a dream long overdue. “To give the world good music.” Her new single ‘CLAP’ captures everything that makes her so appealing.

‘CLAP’ creatively blends the attitude of southern Hip Hop beats with her sultry and soul inspired vocals. Seseley’s performance on the track is charismatic and fearless, showing a young woman who embraced the power of her sensuality. ‘CLAP’ is the best evidence to date that Seseley is well on her way to etching her name in the book of world of entertainment.

‘Clap’ is available everywhere June 3, 2022

SeseleyMonat J

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