Service Monkeys New Album: So Long & Thanks for all the Beers

The Service Monkeys, an alternative rock band from Youngstown, OH released their new album “So Long & Thanks for all the Beers” released June 11th. It’s the trio of Alex Richards – guitar, vocals, Logan Rohr- Drums, & Chris Merriman – Bass first full length release all self-produced by the bands singer, guitarist, & songwriter Alex Richards on the bands independent label, TSM Records.
Since their formation in 2013, The Service Monkeys have experienced a lot of change throughout the releases of their 2 EP’s “At Your Service” & “Spilled Beans”. Eight years later, their new album is out keeping their trademark gritty lo-fi style and adding a new sense of melody and cleanliness to their sound while still maintaining a D.I.Y feel. This record is a perfect way to introduce The Service Monkeys to the world, even if it is eight years behind. Better late than never.

The Service Monkeys

The Service Monkeys. Youngstown, Ohio. music band from youngstown, ohio. Alex Richards – Vox/guitar Logan Rohr – Drums Chris Merriman – Bass