SCXTT Makes Comeback With New Lo-fi Track “An Iridescent Mind”

SCXTT, the Filipino lo-fi music producer, has made his comeback with the release of his latest track “An Iridescent Mind”. After a brief hiatus of 2 months, SCXTT is back with his signature jazzy guitar sound, along with chill lo-fi chord progressions that are sure to captivate listeners. His new release is now available on all major streaming platforms, giving fans the opportunity to enjoy his music anytime, anywhere.

Since his first release in April 2022, SCXTT has proven himself to be a prolific and unique producer in the world of lo-fi music. His signature sound, which blends jazzy guitar and chill chord progressions, has quickly established him as a standout artist in the genre. With an evergrowing catalog of music, SCXTT is well on his way to building a name for himself in the world of lo-fi music.

With the release of “An Iridescent Mind”, SCXTT has once again demonstrated his musical abilities and creative prowess. This latest track is sure to leave a lasting impression on fans, and solidify his place as a talented and innovative producer in the lo-fi music scene. So be sure to check out “An Iridescent Mind” on all major streaming platforms and experience the unique sound of SCXTT for yourself!