Sargent Tucker Releases New Tracks That Will Take Listeners Away

New Single Is A Rich R&B Adventure

Las Vegas, Nevada – September 18, 2020 – R&B artist Sargent Tucker will take listeners on a special journey with the release of his latest single. “Let’s Get Away” is a romantic masterpiece that will make music lovers feel less alone.

“Let’s Get Away” inspiration is from the life experiences of Sargent Tucker. Most strongly is the need to get away with someone special and create special memories. The single features smooth, melodic R&B beats that will relax and inspire listeners. Sargent Tucker’s powerful, emotional voice sings heartfelt lyrics that listeners will feel deep into their hearts.

Sargent Tucker is a multi-talented, singer, writer, musician, and producer. He started strumming a guitar at the tender age of five and never stopped, allowing his passion to carry him to success. Sargent Tucker released an EP in 2019 titled “You Can’t Text Love Away,” which topped the charts in the UK. Sargent Tucker has performed at Hollywood’s Global Happiness Day where honorees included none other than Will Smith, Ellen DeGeneres, and Robbie Williams.

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Sargent Tucker’s (ST) impetus for creating this music – “My desire is to write meaningful music with lyrics that inspires self-worth, values the experiences of relationships, and spreads infinite love to others”. One of life’s major relationship challenges is transitioning through difficult, emotionally painful experiences, while maintaining a love for self, and others involved.