Roadhouse Records ANNOUNCES New Artist Deezy da prince


Roadhouse Records ANNOUNCES New Artist Deezy da prince
Deezy D Prince
Born Darius Oree in Detroit, Michigan, rap artist Deezy D Prince gave his first performance at the tender age of 10 to his parents Anna Oree and Argentry Hamilton. Impressed greatly by M.C. Hammer, whom he respected for his positive lyrics and unique style, Deezy D Prince always knew rapping was what he was born to do.  While his parents enjoyed the performance he gave, they encouraged him to do something with his life other than rapping.  In fact, anything other than rapping and selling drugs on the mean streets of East Jefferson would be acceptable.  But in a neighborhood where gangs and drugs were the norm, peer pressure and a need to make money prevailed. Despite his parents’ wishes, he continued to rap.

Deezy D Prince wrote his first song, “Overdose” at age 13 under the name Young Deezy, which he would keep for many years.  He describes “Overdose” as a song without a hook, just 144 bars.  “Overdose” was a song about going over the limit.  It appeared that life would imitate art as two months later, he was arrested for the first time.  Although he was in and out of juvenile facilities for boys for the next year or so, he used that time to concentrate on his music.  He recalls using his teen years in a not so positive way as well, incurring several arrests over the years.  Young Deezy continued to write music, but did not actually complete his first recording until the age of 19, when he wrote and released the EPs “Boss Up” and “So Neat” in 2004 on the Roadhouse Records label.  It was then that Young Deezy became Deezy D Prince. “I made the change because I wasn’t a boy anymore,” he said.

“My musical influences had always been positive, and I listened to a lot of different types of artists – Too Short, R. Kelly, Aaron Hall and Al Green. But M.C. Hammer most definitely had the greatest impact on me. ”

2005 was a pivotal year for Deezy D Prince as he performed at Club I-ROCK in Detroit, the same place where Kid Rock got his start.  However, in June 2005, he was incarcerated again for parole violations.  When he was released in January 2006, he decided that he didn’t want to make music anymore – he was more interested in running the streets trying to make some money.  A close Muslim friend of his sat him down and told him that he had talent, a way out of the streets, and a choice.  He decided to make the right one – permanently this time.

Founder and CEO of Roadhouse Records, George Baker remembers, “Deezy had the whole neighborhood rocking at a Rap Battle and he was getting a lot of buzz for his rapping in the streets.  My cousin Victor brought him to my attention.  I was a little hesitant at first but once I heard him for myself, I signed him to Roadhouse Records for overseas promotions.  Even though there have been periods where he’s been absent because of his personal circumstances, when he came back, he came back strong.”
With over 30 songs written that were ready to record, Deezy D Prince’s latest single “Getting Money” is available through 20 online stores.  Two more singles are slated for release in winter 2010/11. Deezy D Prince is also currently working on his EP entitled 26’s.

Music also seems to be more than a career choice – it’s a lifeline says the rapper.  “Music relaxes me.  If I have anything on my mind, if I’m angry or anything, I’ll just sit down and write about how I’m feeling at that time and it calms me down.”  Despite his past, Deezy is optimistic about his music and his future.  “My swag and style are different than other rappers. It’s more laid back, but sometimes it goes to a higher level, with much more intensity.”

Deezy visualizes himself being on the red carpet, at the Soul Train Awards, and accepting a Grammy in the coming years.  “I want to do all types of music – everything from country to the blues to rap.  I plan on producing and engineering my own music, and am in the process of getting my own studio, but I always want to work with other artists.”

Deezy credits his 6 year old daughter Sha’mya and a new baby on the way with keeping him focused.  This time, he’s here to stay!