Rising Chin State Rapper Zelo Cung release collaborative album with Chino Vonn, “Dying To Live”

Za Cung Ṭhu known professionally as Zelo Cung is an Asian-American rapper. He was born on February 22, 2001, in the small village of Sihhmuh in Chin State, Myanmar. In pursuit of a better life and because of the military dictatorship in Myanmar(Burma), his family moved to the U.S in 2014,Zelo love rapping and making music. He start a label called KLMN(Kam Lo Minung) with his friends in 2016 and later on he finally released his first song “Hmun Lo Biakam” with Chino Vonn and they also released a lot of other song together and In February 11,2022 they released theirs first album “Dying To Live”.