Revitalizing Spiritual Music with Divine Echoes – Fratena Presents “Glory of God”, A Symphony of Creation’s Praise

Inspirational Worship Leader and Singer/Songwriter  Fratena invites audiences to revel in her symphonies and divine praises as she continues to ink a stunning presence in the music world

Chico, CA —In the realm of spiritual music, where voices echo the divine, Fratena stands out with her harmonious tribute to the Almighty in her newest single, “Glory of God”. The release of “Glory of God” marks a poignant moment in Fratena’s musical journey.

Drawing inspiration from Psalm 19, the song is a melodious recognition of life’s daily wonders, a reminder to cherish the celestial tapestry from daybreak to nightfall—the sun, moon, stars, and the caressing touch of the Holy Spirit.

Released on November 10, 2023, the single is a canvas of sound where every stroke is thoughtfully composed and richly painted with Fratena’s soulful voice, then meticulously mixed and mastered by Mr. Fabbie to ensure each note conveys the depth of its intended glory.

With lyrics that reflect the magnificence of the heavens and earth—from the grandeur of daytime skies to the tranquil beauty of nocturnal landscapes, from the vibrant life of fields and valleys to the stillness of lakes—every element beckons the listener to observe and experience God’s glory.

The powerful single, infused with the essence of joy, revelation, and the Holy Spirit, has already touched many hearts, eliciting responses that speak to its healing and transformative impact.

Fratena’s vision for “Glory of God” extends far beyond the confines of a studio or church. She envisages the song traveling across continents, sowing seeds of joy, healing, and freedom in abundance. The music emanates from the deepest parts of her spirit and soul, with the sincere hope that Jesus would be glorified through it.

With a genuine passion for spreading the gospel, Fratena invites everyone to visit her website, where one can partake in the spiritual feast she provides. Her upcoming releases promise to continue the journey of bringing Christ’s love to the forefront through melodious narratives.

Fratena stands as a beacon of hope, her music a vessel through which the divine communicates. As you partake in her offerings, may you, too, find yourself enveloped in the “Glory of God”, basking in the light of His love and the promise of eternal life, as affirmed in John 3:16.

Stream the artist’s new single and fall in love with the powerful musical world that Fratena has crafted!



Known for her ability to captivate and uplift spirits across North and South California, Oregon, and Tennessee, Fratena’s music resonates with an authenticity that speaks to the soul. With a ministry spanning over two and a half decades, Fratena has been leading worship for numerous ministries, touching lives through her divinely inspired singing, songwriting, and keynote speaking.

As an artist, Fratena sings not merely to entertain but to exalt and glorify Jesus Christ and reveal His love through music. She is a testament to the transformative power of spiritual music, having composed and performed original music and cover songs from other Christian artists. Her musical offerings also extend to instrumental pieces that serve as a backdrop for reflection and meditation. Fratena’s dedication to ministry extends beyond the stage to one-on-one interactions, where she offers healing, peace, and comfort, utilizing her extraordinary spiritual gifts in a personal manner that deeply connects with individuals.


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