Review: The Pondhawks “Afraid Of Love” by Julie Volt

Unusually harmonic and melodic, The Chicago based duo The PondHawks Mario and Jorie have a unique vibe. They put all of their passion and emotion into their tunes and it’s appearing in their songs. “Afraid of Love” their most recent single is exciting, relevant and addictive. It raises awareness and fills a need.

The duo has a Beatle influence yet their own sound. They defy genre as their other tunes are all very different from “Afraid of Love.” Although at first glance the song seems to be about someone who hides from love and fears it but at further glance it isn’t about that at all. There is a twist to the story. The PondHawks are story-tellers as well as musicians. They are terrific.

“Afraid of Love” is elegant and well produced as well as well written. They are an anomaly in the world of duos. While Mario sings lead, Jorie elements him with all kinds of elevated harmonies that take you into another realm of existence. The two have been around for more than a moment and can be seen throughout Chicago and in certain festivals. They also have a huge social media following and great radio presence. This group needs to be watched, and discovered if you haven’t heard them yet.

5/5 Stars

The PondHawks

The PondHawks are an original band from Chicago who are changing the style of pop/rock music. Catchy melodies are exhilaratingly fresh and Beatlesque. The songs are delightfully infectious with playful lyricism that is exuberant and gutsy. You could say The PondHawks have created a new music genre.