REFUGE, An Amazingly Talented Rock N’ Roll Band Of Multicultural, Multinational Expat Teens In Kenya

REFUGE, An Amazingly Talented Rock N’ Roll Band Of Multicultural, Multinational Expat Teens In Kenya

REFUGE is a 6-person band of expat teens based in Nairobi, Kenya. Although they are young, their level of talent, songwriting, and performance is genuinely amazing. The sound is high-energy, guitar-driven rock n’ roll with strong influences from ‘70s greats such as The Allman Brothers, Neil Young, Black Sabbath, and Santana. The name “REFUGE” represents what they are all about: somewhere to escape from the superficial, inauthentic music of our times. The band is determined to promote righteous and soulful music to a new generation.

Although made of expats, REFUGE considers itself a Kenyan band with family roots in other places, such as the U.S., Bolivia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, U.K., and Belgium. The band’s youth and diversity are unmissable – members are 13 to 16 years old, multicultural, multilingual and multinational. The lead guitarist (band leader) and singer are also siblings. All members come from parents that work in international aid and development, which is what brought them to Kenya in the first place.

REFUGE started making waves throughout East Africa in 2018 with the release of its first original song “Gone Astray”, debuting in regional rock charts at #1 and holding that position for months. Many international TV, radio and online appearances quickly followed.

“The genius that is apparent with REFUGE is that they un-self-consciously blended album-oriented hard rock, blues, country, and garage rock, turning it all into a distinctive sound that sounds familiar but thoroughly unique. On top of that, there’s the highly individual voice of Teresa Sanders and the band’s songwriting that isn’t afraid to be nakedly sentimental while spinning tales of real life. And, lest we forget, while Sanders sings, the band rocks like a mother-f’r. It’s the birth of a great band.” – Rock and Blues Review

All music by REFUGE is written, composed and produced by the band itself, which recently recorded a demo of 9 original songs under the album title Haven to a Heavy Soul.

This is just the beginning. REFUGE is confident, ambitious and hardworking, and is looking to move forward. The goal this coming year is to break through internationally, play more concerts and festivals, raise public recognition, and record an album with a like-minded label.

If you’re intrigued, check out Haven to a Heavy Soul‘=, available on all digital platforms… and follow them on social media!


REFUGE is Nairobi’s very own blues-rock band made of six students/best friends from the International School of Kenya. Their sound is high-energy, guitar-driven rock with strong influences from the classic rock greats of the 60s and 70s. They are determined to promote authentic, righteous and soulful music to a new generation.


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