Reflecting on Life\’s Evolution through Powerful Rap – Yolo Ru Drops New Single “Rules Changed”

Yolo Ru unveils his latest track, “Rules Changed,” offering a poignant reflection on life\’s transitions and the resilience required to navigate them.

Fayetteville, NC —With the release of his striking, genre-bending, compelling new release, “Rules Changed,”  Yolo Ru once again shows the world his inventive talent. Having released on Spotify and other official music streaming platforms, the single is a reflection on the ways rules change when one grows older.

A bold, unfiltered spectacle of coming-of-age, Yolo Ru’s electric new single underscores the ways life’s rules and dictations change as the avenue of risk keeps shrinking with older age. Stressing upon the centrality of conviction, motivation, and good work ethic within his life.

“My love for music… the therapy it brings me is unmatched. I record almost 10 songs a week, no matter how I am feeling I make it my business to record,” says Yolo Ru regarding his passion for the art.

This same passion and love for his music is shown by recent singles such as “Mm mmm 2” featuring Renni Rucci and “Flooded the Wrist” with MoneyBagg Yo, along with tracks like “Creepin” and the latest album “Story Untold.” Yolo Ru’s track “Got It on Me” with Duke Deuce has over a million views and his project “Really Rap” has been streamed over 400,000 times following the trend set by popular tracks like “Hatin”, “Bring A Lot of Smoke” and “Spinnin Blocks”.

The eclectic artist’s collaborations extend to a roster of distinguished artists, including Toosie (2x), Renni Rucci, Duke Deuce, MoneyBagg Yo, Future, EST Gee, ATL Jacob, Twisted Genius, DJ Scream, Swampizzo, DJ Noize, and Kodak Black. Taking the stage at venues like Future and Friends, Kodak and Friends at Spectrum Arena, State Farm Arena, TD Gardens, Capital One Arena, Hard Rock Cafe, and House of Blues, Yolo Ru’s performances are a testament to his growing impact.

In addition to his musical achievements, Yolo Ru has also left his mark on the political landscape. His song “My Dream” gained widespread recognition during the 2016 Jamaican elections, with both major political parties adopting it as a motivational anthem. His performance at the inauguration ceremony was a historic moment, with The Most Honourable Prime Minister Andrew Holness joining him on stage, solidifying Yolo Ru’s influence beyond music.

Furthermore, Yolo Ru’s discography is not just about entertainment; it’s about addressing social issues. Songs like “Board House” and “Guns Out” shed light on the socio-economic challenges faced by many, resonating with listeners on a profound level.

Looking ahead, Yolo Ru is gearing up for the release of his upcoming album “Snowfall from the Carolinas” in April, promising listeners a deeper dive into his journey and the realities of life in the Carolinas.

Stream Yolo Ru’s new music on Spotify and other official music streaming platforms and follow the rise of a musical giant!



Born in Couva, Trinidad and Tobago, Yolo Ru, also known as Kerry Bishop, embarked on his American journey at the age of 11, initially settling in Fayetteville, NC, before later moving to Louisiana at Ft Polk. The transition to America was a family affair, with Yolo Ru, his mom, aunt, and the entire family forging a tight bond as they navigated the challenges of a new life together.

Yolo Ru’s music is a poignant reflection of his roots and the real-life situations he faced. His style is marked by an aggressive, up-front approach—a distinctive blend of trap beats interwoven with intricate bars, featuring punchlines and metaphors that vividly capture the essence of his experiences. Influenced by icons like Jay Z and 50 Cent, Yolo Ru draws inspiration from their journeys, transcending the streets to conquer the music industry and business.


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