Rap Sensation Big Piph Releases His New Single “Take Off”

photo of Big Piph

Renowned hip-hop artist Big Piph is set to ignite the music scene with his empowering new single, “Take Off.” The track, born from a mindset of contentment with one’s present situation while eagerly anticipating future endeavors, serves as a powerful reminder that dreams can still be achieved despite past hardships, whether self-imposed or imposed by society.

“Take Off” encapsulates the essence of Big Piph’s artistic journey, as he flawlessly combines his lyrical prowess with an infectious beat to create a captivating musical experience. The song’s uplifting message resonates with listeners, encouraging them to embrace their ambitions and strive for greatness.

The track’s distinctive sound, crafted by Big Piph’s exceptional creativity, effortlessly blends hip-hop elements with introspective lyricism. With his smooth delivery and thought-provoking verses, Big Piph masterfully weaves a narrative that embodies resilience and determination.

Inspired by personal experiences and a desire to overcome adversity, Big Piph’s “Take Off” serves as an anthem of hope and perseverance. The song embraces the notion that even in the face of challenges, one can still soar to new heights and accomplish their dreams. It delivers a message of empowerment, reminding individuals that they possess the strength and resilience necessary to overcome any obstacle.

“Take Off” is available on all major streaming platforms. The release is accompanied by a visually stunning music video which perfectly complements the song’s empowering narrative.

Big Piph’s “Take Off” is a testament to the human spirit’s indomitable nature, reminding us that our dreams are within reach, regardless of past hardships.

Music : musictd.bigpiph.com/TAKEOFF

About Big Piph
Big Piph is a Stanford educated mechanical engineer who decided rapping was a better choice. Through his decade plus in music he has seen industry promises come and go and now proudly flows independent performing mostly with his 7 piece live band. He
also is a Hip Hop Ambassador; having traveled to over 10 countries, including Ghana, Australia, and Myanmar, performing and doing music diplomacy. His latest creative venture is Far From Finished: The Series + Soundtrack. The FFF Series is a forthcoming fact-fictional web series about a successful artist who is still unsettled because he has
yet to reach the dream. The Soundtrack is the music that accompanies each of the 8 episodes. “Takeoff” is the first single from the soundtrack that fully embodied both the confidence and aspiration of the main character based on Big Piph.