Pulsating with Rich and Vibrant Symphonies – Canberra-Based Greek-Jazz Fusion Band Presents New Single “Piraeus”

Constantine Campbell’s KAVOS blends the rich heritage of Greek music with the soulful rhythms of Jazz in their latest release, capturing the essence of Athens

Canberra, ACT, Australia —KAVOS, under the leadership of Constantine Campbell, is a testament to the innovative fusion of cultural sounds, blending the traditional melodies of Greece with the improvisational spirit of jazz. Their latest offering, a vibrant single named “Piraeus,” heralds from their album “Athina,” showcasing a profound exploration of Athenian influences through a contemporary musical lens.

Athina,” the ensemble’s sophomore album, is an audial odyssey that navigates through Campbell’s multifaceted identity, weaving together the rich tapestry of Greek culture with the vibrant, ever-evolving nature of jazz.

The album is a collection of seven meticulously crafted tracks, each a homage to Athens’ iconic landmarks and the city’s indefinable spirit. From the bustling streets of “Monastiraki” to the serene vistas of “Edem,” and the historic majesty of “Akropoli,” KAVOS embarks on a musical voyage that transcends geographical boundaries, inviting listeners to experience the soul of Athens through a fusion of sounds that resonate with a global audience.

“Piraeus,” the album’s standout single, epitomizes the synthesis of Greek musical tradition and jazz innovation. Featuring Constantine Campbell’s soul-stirring saxophone, alongside a talented cadre of Canberra’s finest musicians—including Lachlan Coventry on bouzouki, Llewellyn Osborne on violin, Christopher Pound on bass, and Nicholas McBride on drums.

KAVOS’ “Piraeus” is not merely a song but a cultural bridge, connecting the dots between diverse musical traditions and creating a soundscape where Greek melodies and jazz rhythms coalesce into something transcendently beautiful. The new release is a sonic embodiment of urban life, rich in history and bustling with contemporary vibrancy, encapsulating the essence of Athens through a modern musical lens.

The release of “Athina,” with “Piraeus” leading the charge, marks a significant milestone for KAVOS and for the global music scene.

Listeners worldwide are invited to delve into the rich, eclectic sounds of KAVOS through “Athina,” embarking on an unforgettable journey! With “Piraeus” as a beacon, KAVOS continues to chart a course through the uncharted waters of musical fusion, proving that in the world of music, there are no boundaries that are too big!



KAVOS, led by Constantine Campbell, is a dynamic Greek-jazz fusion ensemble based in Canberra, Australia. Born out of Campbell’s doctoral studies, which delved into the fusion of jazz with Greek rebetiko music, KAVOS represents a unique blend of cultural influences. The band’s latest endeavor, the album “Athina,” features the vibrant single “Piraeus,” alongside a collection of seven tracks inspired by the sights and sounds of Athens.

With roots in both Greek and Australian culture, Constantine Campbell infuses his compositions with a deep sense of identity and heritage. Constantine Campbell’s journey into the realm of Greek-jazz fusion was sparked during his doctoral studies, focusing on the integration of jazz with Greek rebetiko music. This scholarly pursuit birthed KAVOS, a band that stands as a bridge between diverse musical landscapes, mirroring Campbell’s own Greek-Australian heritage


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