President Street Single Review ‘I Found Me’

President Street Single Review ‘I Found Me’

A dynamic and energetic autumn anthem, President Street’s forthcoming single ‘I Found
Me’ is an ode to relationships. It’s a track about finding someone who makes you feel whole and who gives you the strength to be the best version of yourself. It taps into the euphoria that is felt at the beginning of a burgeoning relationship and captures the excitement that is felt in the initial stages of a romance.

The song is quickly kicked into first gear with the introduction of Ruby’s commanding vocals. There is an effortlessness to her voice, and she glides throughout the song never once being outdone by the track’s full-on instrumentation and heavy percussive drive. The song’s lyrics tell a story of meeting someone and finding a ‘wholeness’ within yourself that you simply didn’t see as a possibility.

The song continues to build until we reach the climax, a catchy and empowering chorus. “I
didn’t know I was looking for you till I found me” sings Ruby with enviable conviction. Yes,
it’s a track about falling in love with someone, but it’s also about falling in love with yourself. The track encourages to approach life with vigor and strength and to trust we will find what we’re looking for.

The release of ‘I Found Me’ comes following a busy year for this Pop-fusion collective.
Having already released a string of their high energy and melodically driven singles, the
outfit then took to the road with an unplugged national UK tour that showed their softer,
acoustic side. Now back in Australia, President Street has been busy in the studio writing
and producing new music in preparation for their upcoming season of releases.

I Found Me

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