President Street release ‘Something to Believe’

President Street release ‘Something to Believe’

President Street has stepped up to the recording studio once again, with their latest take on the complex emotions of the human experience. This time, they speak about hope in the song ‘Something to Believe’, which tackles the joy found when returning to the self after escaping a toxic relationship.

These topics may have been difficult to speak about, but President Street, and vocalist Ruby, tackle them with ease, leaving an ultimately euphoric feeling as the last impression of the song.

The vocals are certainly the standout point of the record, with an acapella section at the beginning and Ruby’s honeyed tones carrying the song throughout. The instrumentation sounds light and airy, reflecting the huge weight lifted when coming out of a toxic situation and breathing freely for the first time in years.

If you need something light to pick you up during this absolute mess of a year, this song might be the one for you. You can watch the lyric video below.


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