Painting a Dynamic Rhythm on the Canvas of Dance, Hip Hop, and R&B- Rousseau Presents New Single

Featuring a blend of Dance, R&B, and Rap- “Limelight” illustrates the shining, distinctive, and bold outlook that Rousseau represents

Las Vegas, NV — August 11th, 2023 – A trailblazer who continues to showcase his uniqueness, creativity, and inspiration, Rousseau unveils a stunning new single- “Limelight.” Rousseau’s musical palette is a rich fusion, drawing from the raw vigor of hip-hop and infusing it with the soulful strains of R&B. However, his listening preferences lean towards R&B, a testament to his diverse musical inclinations that fuel his sonic explorations.

The eclectic artist is set apart by his DIY ethos. A true artist at heart, he pens his own verses and melodies, reflecting a raw and authentic artistry that’s increasingly rare in today’s industry. His creativity extends beyond the auditory realm; he’s a visionary who envisions captivating visuals to accompany his music.

The artist’s hunger for recognition is apparent as he seeks a record deal to amplify his musical journey. His latest release, “Limelight,” showcases his evolution, offering a glimpse into his unwavering dedication to his craft.

Rousseau aspires to take his music beyond borders, with a burning desire to perform in Africa. This global vision reflects his audacious dream of being on the cusp of achieving his goals within the next five years, a testament to his resolute commitment to his craft.

While Rousseau’s story is still nascent, its impact is undeniable. His music resonates on a deeply personal level, forging connections through his heartfelt honesty and dedication.

As he relentlessly pursues his dreams sans the backing of a major label, he stands as a beacon of inspiration for fellow independent artists, a living testament that talent, hard work, and determination can defy the odds.

Urging listeners to stay true to their roots while chasing their aspirations unrelentingly, Rousseau’s melody is a welcome symphony, and his journey is a compelling story.

Rousseau’s sonic exploration extends beyond “Limelight.” His repertoire boasts singles like “Candy,” “Xplore,” and “Lamb,” each released in the prolific year of 2023. Adding further depth to his discography, his 2022 EP “Emotions” stands as a testament to his range and artistic evolution.




Hailing from the streets of Decatur and nurtured in the rhythms of Macon, Georgia, Rousseau’s love affair with music ignited early on. His journey into the melodic realm took flight during his middle school years, a pivotal time when his commitment to his craft began to bloom. It was in these formative years that Rousseau unveiled his debut, “Inside,” a track that resonated with audiences for its genuine lyricism and emotive delivery.

Rooted in family and driven by faith, Rousseau’s music is an embodiment of his values and experiences. A true testament to his grounding, he attributes his artistic evolution to the support of his guardian angels—those who protected him and his family. This profound connection to spirituality shines through in his work, as he gracefully navigates themes of life, love, and the human experience.


Name: Christopher Gene Rousseau
Address: 2701 N Decatur Blvd, 2055, Las Vegas, NV
Phone: 7252331264




Source: ArtistPR