Oya Obinidodo Sets to Unveil Her Latest Single ‘Don’t Wanna Be In Yo Squad’


**OYA OBINIDODO** Sets to Unveil Her Latest Single **‘Don’t Wanna Be In Yo Squad’**

[United States-Februrary 16, 2024] – The American music scene is set to be rocked once again as solo female rapper Oya Obinidodo announces the release of her powerful new single, ‘Don’t Wanna Be In Yo Squad.’ This dynamic track is not just a song; it’s an anthem that showcases Oya Obinidodo’s unique lyrical prowess and her commitment to pushing boundaries within the music industry.

Scheduled for release this March on all major music platforms, ‘Don’t Wanna Be In Yo Squad’ promises to connect with listeners through its relatable lyrics, captivating beats, and Oya Obinidodo’s unapologetic flow. In an era where fitting in is seen as the norm, Oya Obinidodo stands out by stating loud and clear the power of individuality and self-reliance.

The single is also be available on CD, catering to fans who appreciate the tactile experience of physical music formats. Oya Obinidodo’s dedication to her craft and her audience shines through this multi-format release strategy.

Oya Obinidodo, speaking about the single, said, ‘Don’t Wanna Be In Yo Squad’ is more than a song to me. It’s a message. It’s about finding strength in solitude and understanding that it’s okay to walk your path alone. It’s okay to be different.

Listeners can expect an infusion of hard-hitting beats mixed with thought-provoking lyrics that have become the hallmark of Oya Obinidodo’s music.

Fans of Oya Obinidodo and hip-hop enthusiasts alike are encouraged to mark their calendars for this significant release. ‘Don’t Wanna Be In Yo Squad’ is not just a song; it’s a movement. Be ready to be part of it this March.

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