NRVT Releases ‘All About You’ & ‘Nuttall Street Burglars’ on Baggy Music Entertainment

NRVT Releases ‘All About You’ & ‘Nuttall Street Burglars’ on Baggy Music Entertainment

Two tracks this time from an Artist we’ve already featured at Urban Dubz PR.

Rap, Pop R&B vibes from this Young Uni Graduate turned budding Urban Music performer.

“All About You” has a reminiscent feel to it. It has quite dark musical accompaniment, lyrically its quite a positive and upbeat – Like a Hip-Hop Ballad of sorts, from a guy to his girl.

Nuttall Street Burglars is totally different. Slightly surreal 4×4 beat has a house feel to it but at a much slower tempo. Vocally it’s a mixture of rapping and singing. I think the key here is an attempt at quite a complex arrangement within the boundaries of a pop format, but laced with many different sonic elements hitting you from different angles. NRVT is about stepping out the comfort zone. It’s an embryonic creation of a new sound – a conversation the individual attempts to have with the listener. Sometimes you get it right, sometimes you do not, but you have to take a chance to know if you have anything or not.

The best thing I can think of about NRVT is his attempt at trying to develop an interesting arrangement. For me personally the arrangement is my favourite part of the songwriting process. The structure an artist uses to create a foundation for their story or concept. I feel NRVT will get there if he concentrates on this part of his arsenal. He surely got the risk-taking part down for sure. A fearless artist who is not afraid to grow in public no matter what people think. An essential character trait of anyone looking to achieve success in the long term added to Hard work, determination, persistence &. Perseverance.

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