Not just another white hip hop artist…..

I have to admit, I looked at the picture of Dave Patten and I did not want to like him. I thought he was going to sound like Eminem. In his pic, he has the wannabe white thug look, grey hooded sweatshirt , white t-shirt. I was prepared to make fun of him, but I can’t.
This kid sounds good. He needs to develop his own look and style, and when he does, he may have a future in music.  (Phil Peretz Indie4Life)

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Location: Havertown, PA, USA
Description: A deep rock voice with a unique pop and hip-hop sound
Biography: Dave Patten creates his own brand of music from start to finish. Everything you hear on the singer/songwriter’s self-produced albums – acoustic and electric guitars, piano, drums, bass, synthesized horns and string parts – is Dave. Rarely does a musician have the ability and talent to synchronize each aspect of his tracks to the exact specifications of his creative vision.

Yet Dave’s vocals alone make him a standout. His deep and powerful voice, combined with both pop rock and hip-hop beats, set him apart from the multitude of like-sounding musicians. Dave’s hit the collective pulse with songs like “Don’t Stop” off his third album, Pace of Change, and “Back to School” from his fourth and most recent album, No Direction. Reflective, soulful, and powerful, they embody just one side of his artistic expression.

Dave’s music has a wide Internet presence. His YouTube videos garner over 1.3 million page views. In fact, multi-platinum selling artist Wyclef Jean saw Dave’s adaptation of his song “Sweetest Girl” and invited Dave to open for him at Atlantic City’s House of Blues. Brian Kennedy, producer of Rhianna’s “Disturbia,” discovered Dave’s cover of the song and was so impressed that he added it to his own MySpace. Dave continues to produce original music videos, for which he not only writes and produces the songs, but also directs and edits each one. The level of support Dave receives from fellow musicians and his fans continues to grow.

Dave hails from the Philadelphia area, where he grew up around music and played drums in local bands. In 2006, Dave took the leap to invest in himself and his career. Now Dave uses his multitude of musical abilities, technical know-how, and boundless drive to create a sound that is different from anything else out there.

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Dave Patten is unbelievable. His music is catchy, his beats are driving, and his style is unique. I’ve always liked his stuff, at least what I’d heard of it, and his cover songs all over youtube are what hooked me first but this new music is going in a completely different direction that is relevant and reminiscent of current chart toppers but consistently fresh and refreshing to say the least. And it just has this amazing quality to it that keeps me playing it no matter how many times I listen to it. It’s just perpetually appealing.

It’s music that won’t go stale and I recommend it to all of you who like music ranging from pop to hip-hop to alternative, even singer/songwriter. a multi-genre masterpiece that blends the best of the rest. enjoy!!!!

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