New talent Allegra releases new single ‘He Ain’t You’

The new single ‘He Ain’t You,’ by Allegra’s up-and-coming talent, is like nothing you’ve heard before from the songstress. With this release, the singer/songwriter turns the page to a new chapter.

‘He Ain’t You’ covers all bases. The track’s introductory tones suggest this is not Allegra’s usual sound as she moves away from her classic dance-pop arrangements. For the lyrical inspiration, Allegra taps into a more vulnerable space, unveiling raw desires and thoughts: “But if I close my eyes for a second/ A second, it just might do/ I know it ain’t fair/ but, just for a second/ I need to forget that he ain’t you.”

One of the fascinating things about Allegra is her immense growth over only a few years. Everything from presentation, sound, and lyricism has received a mature makeover and finds Allegra at a more secure level as an artist.

Her previous releases, including her debut ‘All About Us,’ or others such as ‘Used To Miss U’ and ‘If You Wanna Love Me,’ were all classified dance anthems, but ‘He Ain’t You’ has the soul to top charts.

He Ain’t You

Listen to He Ain’t You on Spotify. Allegra · Song · 2022.


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