New song of Ami-Bique is a problematic Black Metal

Ami-Bique released a new song “V Against Fallen” on Jan 22 (Sun) on Streaming service.

The song is more hard-hitting than the previous album “Rock’n’Roll Amoeba”, yet it is a problematic work that resonates with pummeling lyrics.
Ami says, “At first, I was makiing a new album, but my feelings for this song were so strong that I wanted to release it to world as single because I want to keep its concentration full, rather than adding other songs to mellow it out. Personally, I intend this one song to be new album”.
Vocal recording and mastering was by Jiro Yoshida (Jolits), and artwork was designed by Kame (Gusya Ningen and Jolits) .

At the same time, this music video is also shown on YouTube.

(Director: BOO)
This work is deeper storyline than previous MV, and is interspersed with psychological sadism. The previous music video was shadow-banned by YouTube management for its extreme content.

Ami-Bique has made great strides with their last album, “Rock’n’Roll Amoeba,” which was sold at commmonsmart, a store run by Ryuichi Sakamoto’s commmons.

Title : “V Against Fallen
Label : Xeno-Kent Station
Release Date: January 22, 2023
Format: Digital
Price: ¥150 (at iTunes Store, tax included)

Track Listing
1: V Against Fallen

= Profile=.
Started his music career as a solo artist in 2015.
In 2017, Started performing live using modular synths. He performs at live houses in the suburbs of Tokyo. At the same time, he started posting videos on YouTube and SNS, gaining international impression.
March 2019, independently released their first album “Kyomurima”.
March 2020, he released his 2nd album “Banitasu!” from Mexican label.
August 2021, they will release their third album “Rock’n’Roll Amoeba”. It was consigned by commmonsmart, who run by commons (Ryuichi Sakamoto’s label)
In 2022, the 10th anniversary best-of album “GREATEST SHITS 2011-2021” was released by Canadian label.
He has also released split recordings with artists from Colombia, Venezuela, and other countries, and is active in a wide range of activities beyond national borders.
He develops his own unique music by deconstructing well-known music such as black metal and black music etc, and reconstructing its depths’ elements in a catchy way through synthesizers and distortion voices.