My Luv Notes’ new single “Snake Charmer”

An exotic flute’s elegant melody awakens a beast of a beat as we find ourselves in the center of the sonic whirlpool that is My Luv Notes’ new single “Snake Charmer,” one of three official cuts from the acclaimed new album Day Late. The harmonies that My Luv Notes conjures up with this eastern-themed instrumentation just might be her sexiest to see widespread release yet, but the dueling between the vocal track and this lush backdrop accounts for only half of the magic that this song contains. “Snake Charmer” is a brilliant response to the vapid output of this artist’s closest rivals in and outside of her scene, and while it’s not the only exciting R&B single out this month, it’s definitely among the few that I would consider as intellectually rousing as it is packed with rich hooks.


My Luv Notes’ vocal approach is rooted in classic R&B, but there’s an understated hip-hop edge to her style of attack here that makes this song sound a lot more cosmopolitan than previous singles have. This is defiantly experimental urban pop, and yet its rebellious fusion of textures and tones doesn’t come across as fragmented or overwhelming in the least. On the contrary, My Luv Notes’ sound is completely cohesive in this track, to such a degree where I would even suggest that “Snake Charmer” sports the most profound musicality of anything that she’s released in the last two years following her amazing debut, “Mama.”

The bassline is a little more aggressive than it needs to be in this single, but I think that its physicality will likely make the song a hit with the club crowd this summer. Though devoid of the electronic faceting that one would find in, say, an alternative dance piece like CEEM’s “Better Than That,” “Snake Charmer” has a postmodernity to its synthetic parts that adds to the mind-bending nature of the melodies significantly. It’s not as eclectic, nor as cerebral, as the new stuff that I’ve heard from Hazey Eyes or Fenix x SM1LO, but there’s still enough surrealism in this single for it to mesh well with the current trend in American and British indie pop. There’s definitely no unnecessary excess in this track, and that alone makes it a standout in its class.


I was anticipating a lot of energy out of My Luv Notes’ new material, but she genuinely surpassed all of my expectations with what she produced in “Snake Charmer.” Of all the songs on Day Late, this is probably the most encapsulating of her artistic identity, which has become quite the multidimensional specimen in the last half-year alone. She’s breaking away from the pack in this latest release, and if she stays on the trajectory that she’s presently on, my gut tells me that her next single could easily crack the upper tier of the charts both domestically and internationally. Her sound has excellent crossover appeal, and something tells me that we’ve only just begun to see what it can do when there’s nothing to restrict her unstoppable inventiveness.

Clay Burton

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