In our troubling times we now reflect how many artist before us warned of the struggling times and offered hope through their social cousious calling in their musical messages…

Throughout time music has taken its rounds, ups and downs, and in between. But in each decade comes and artist that surfaces from out of nowhere after having an incredible journey in their musical career.
Taking an expedition in bringing humanitarians back to what music always seems to carry us to ‘social conscious music.’
Some of music’s most incredible artist have journeyed down this road at some point in their life. Having experienced fame, fortune, and claiming the Grammy. They then graduate back into a frame of humanitarian good will towards life, liberty, and humanity, in search for what really matters for us all… or at least our children… A future.

Using their gift of words in song they now strive to clone the award winning song that will make the world a better place because, after all ‘Music Can Save The World’.
Marvin Gaye, felt the change when he wrote ‘Whats Going On.’ Other artist such as Bob Dylan, Micheal Jackson, and Stevie Wonder, were but a few that also, felt the change in music.

In this Millennium, we now have a new but very recognizable artist, who now says its coming yet again. Skyler Jett, ‘music industry’s most sought after songwriter of his time’, now says, ‘he hears his calling.’
Skyler, a Grammy artist, for one of movie’s greatest theme songs ‘ My Heart will Go On,’ from still today’s number one all time greatest movies “The Titanic.’

We now have yet another opportunity to experience this generation of songs that will pave the way for humanity.
Unlike most of the artist before now that contributed amazing songs that shook our minds bringing them back to a conscious level.

Skyler Jett, didn’t stop at just one song painting his lyrical mastery in to many songs about life, and humanities greatest needs has become but, a contribution to the many songs that seem to be pouring from his talented humanitarian heart. Maybe this musical blast will resonate to the hearts of mankind and we will finallly understand our future is truly on a fine line of distruction.
Especially for our children who need the opportunity to experience a life as it was intended to be. In realizing the needs of mankind Skyler, has come well prepared to expose us to the reality of our world and its desperate need for attention through is musical talent and artistry he has contributed songs such as ‘Think Green’ , that supports our need to be more considerate to our environment.

‘Peace Is The Answer,’ to help society realize our need to be a friendlier more compassionate nation.

‘Education,’ that warns our society that we are failing our future by robbing our youth of a sound education that will prepare them for the future and its generations. ‘I survived,’ dedicated to the cancer patient rendering them hope, and courage to survive. ‘Wait For Me,’ a song that encourages our youth to practice abstinence as our teens need to be sure and to establish a future.
His gift to clone his patented lyrical art is one that has touched many in his journey to bring his calling to the fore-front of time marking it in history with a seal of ‘Conscious Approval,’ as he moves in forming his own foundation, ‘Music Can Save The World’.
Those organizations, music professionals, and conscious mission mover’s who want to learn more about Skyler Jett can visit him at

Knowing change is coming we might just reach out to make a difference in the lives of others and especially to our children for they deserve a future as we very well maybe able to save it with music. A sound worth listening to and a song worth the dance if our children can have the opportunity to paint a brighter world with music.