Miami Based Rapper Makes Strong Impression via Debut EP

Italian born, Miami resident rapper Dici makes a bold entrance with the release of his debut EP, Dici. Inspired by artists like Denzel Curry, Mayhem Lauren and Action Bronson, he carries a distinct flow evocative of early Eminem and his sound is close to the likes of Jaden Smith or Earl Sweatshirt. Inspired after watching a Kenny Beats interview about the importance of hustle and making the most of your own time, Dici clearly took that to heart and recorded this over a majority of the prolonged quarantine with mostly his computer and his gaming headset.


While he’s had NYC music producer Giuseppe D clean up certain aspects of his tracks and help with the mixing and mastering, most of what you’re hearing is straight from Dici himself, and he’s got plenty to say. Starting with the opener “4door,” he makes it clear he is here to play around and have a good time. Naturally you’ll feel the youthful, slightly obnoxious, but never not charming charisma of an actual 17 year old kid, but nothing he says feels empty, even if some of his more audacious brags come across as a bit much, but then again, weren’t you a bit much at 17? The album highlight is the slower paced, late night vibe-y attitude track “305-INTERLUDE” which slows down his exciting motor mouth in favor of something a little more lyrically complex in its construction, but maybe a little too overly sensual for me, I mean, he’s 17.


Listen to Dici on Spotify. Dici · Single · 2021 · 5 songs.

Listening to the EP, you get the clear sense that you’re watching a star in the making and if this was made over the course of a few months with nothing but his gear and more than anything, his hustle backed by his very clear talent, it’s going to be exciting just watching what this kid brings to the table next. On his closer/bonus track Shibuya, he sings about his time abroad and leans a little more into his background (his father is Italian, his mother Japanese,) and you can feel his excitement to share that aspect of his life and how it’s reinforced his world view and even gets to slide in a reference to the popular anime “HunterXHunter” which is about a boy who works hard to get stronger and better, and you’d be insane not to correlate that passion to what Dici is creating for us now. For a lot of kids, it’s never been an easily more accessible time to create whether its movies, music, photography, etc, but all of the things with the advent of technology are only tools in service to artists who hopefully, have something they want to say.

DICI – Vector (Official Video)

Listen to DICI – “Vector” his DICI EP – Listen here: by Brian BayerlFollow ….

This EP is a springboard for the ideas of Dici and very clearly the over the top adventure he wants to have, and it’s going to come to him and we’re gonna hear it, like it or not. Luckily his indisputable talent is sure to win over even his toughest critics, and by no means should we grade his first release on the curve of “well, he’s just a kid.” He is a kid, but he’s a fully fledged artist and should be respected as such for putting himself out there, and with confidence and quality to match.

Clay Burton