Merlin’s Fresh Recipe To Dance Pop Success

MERLIN is an emerging artist in the pop and dance music sphere. Her previous projects have been filled with energy, thoughtful lyrics and infectious grooves and that does not change in her newest single “Recipe”. Being a woman and being a sexually secure woman is just as important to MERLIN’s music as the song itself. She focuses on that heavily in “Recipe”. The lyrics promote sexual maturity and knowing what you want out of a partner whether just for one night or in the long term. She also tells them exactly what they are getting out of her; Merlin can be “sugar sweet” while also bringing the heat and leaving them needing their “sugar fix” later.

This sentiment is greatly needed in the world of dance music as many artists in the space have not been bringing a strong female presence to the genre. A strong female voice has found great success in the pop and hip-hop world, and MERLIN hopes to be that in the dance music world. Her previous project the Dark Matter EP provided a great balance between lyrics around learning to be empowered and grooves that will make you get up and move. The new single “Recipe” is less focussed on learning to be empowered and instead focuses on taking that power and using it. The beat surrounding MERLIN is a classic dance track with a thumping driving bass line that fills the mix with energy. The drums behind the track provide a futuristic techno sound that complements MERLIN’s rhythmic singing and vocal chops.

“Recipe” represents a great amount of growth for MERLIN “as an artist and a woman.” Something music has always been able to do for MERLIN is help her grow and change. She moved back and forth from Albania and Germany when she was younger before moving to America when she was 7 years old. MERLIN recalls having nothing to relate to in America except for music and especially pop music. Listening to music helped her to learn English and helped her to express herself throughout her life up to today. After finishing college MERLIN knew her true passion and future lied in music. She has worked hard to get to where she is today and “Recipe” feels like a culmination of all her hard work. “Recipe” is available to stream on all major streaming services and is guaranteed to make you want to get up and dance.

Follow MERLIN online @thisisMERLIN13

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