Merlin ‘Dark Matter’ EP is Priceless

Merlin’s new EP ‘Dark Matter’ seems like a glimpse into the skills and diversity she has as an artist. This techno, funk, pop record has elements of 80’s funk with a modern pop twist that creates a musical masterpiece. The production of each track differs throughout the EP to such a degree, it really makes her adaptability and strength as a singer come out in every song. One thing’s for sure – something magical is at play in Merlin’s career, and ‘Dark Matter’ is just the start.

The edgy-pop, Albanian-German-American artist told PopWrapped, “Every track I’ve been working on till this point has been a mode of healing. Things came to the surface and out of the dark to be illuminated. I sing about parts of my life where I felt like I was surrounded by nothing, an absence of light and love.”

The EP consists of 3 tracks, all written by Merlin – “Can’t Touch This,” “I Owe You” and “Spiral.” Merlin dedicated the first track, “Can’t Touch This,” to all the girls tired of rejecting guys at the club. “I Owe You” follows suit as an empowerment track about taking back power and remembering you’re worth. Merlin states, “Taking back power is a process, but I decided that whoever can’t respect me and my boundaries, is shown the door. Access to me is earned, not mandatory.” Merlin closes out the EP with her most vulnerable song to date, “Spiral.” Merlin’s ‘Dark Matter’ EP is available on all streaming platforms. Watch the music video for “Can’t Touch This” here on YouTube:

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Home – Merlin

MERLIN​ moved back and forth between Albania and Germany with her family before they finally settled in Boston when she was 7 years old. Between the language barrier and feeling like a social outcast, music was the one constant she held onto in every new home.