Mayday: the new album from Crancy Crock

Mayday is the album released by Crancy Crock, punk rock band from Italy!

Mayday is composed of seven songs sung in Italian, the music is just punk rock and it also features guest appearances from Russu (Totale Apatia) and Riky Anelli.

The new release has been supported by the independent labels Gasterecords, Scatti Vorticosi, All You Need Is Punk and Samoan Records and ehe album is available via streaming platforms, as well as on CD digipack via Gasterecords.

Crancy Crock were born in 1997 and play punk rock with Italian lyrics. They released six albums, “Crancy Crock” (2002), “… nOn cOn Noi” (2006), “Il gioco delle palle” (2010), “Moderno Medioevo” (2014), “Nuovi eVenti ”(2017) and “Ci vuol Partecipazione” 2021, plus two singles called “Johnny Natale” (2019). and “Lacrime di cemento” (2020).