LvlPrllel is back on the scene with a hot new single: Closer To Reality.

January 2021 – LvlPrllel is not just another up&comer: she is the real deal, and she is here to leave a mark on the music scene! This talented recording artist has finally released a new, anticipated single. Her new process is titled Closer to Reality and it stands out as a really significant addition to the artist’s remarkable discography. They say that musicians tend to get closer to “who they really are” with the sound of every new release, and this definitely seems to be the case for LvlPrllel as well. When compared to her previous (still excellent) material, Closer to Reality really feels like a progression, because it explores new creative avenues, as well as consolidating the artist’s sound and personality.

The song has a deeply personal theme, which many listeners could easily relate to. On one hand, it is about loving someone very deeply, but on the other, it is about the downfall of drug use, and the strain that addiction can put on people, and relationships.

Today, LvlPrllel is carving her own path, and she is doing much more than just following in the footsteps of the artists who have influenced her music. She is starting to carve her own creative path and build a powerful sonic legacy all of her own. Closer to Reality will definitely charm you with a stunning arrangement and a memorable performance, with a mix of energy and emotion to make it all extremely personable and direct.

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