Los Angeles Indie-Music/Film International Summit 2012

June-16-17, 2012at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
LA-Indie Music/Film International Summit 2012 is a global industry-wide conference, trade show and media event dedicated to all genres of music and film worldwide. The conference features two days of music, screening, keynote speakers, music/film producers, recording artists, agents, casting agents, label AR reps, radio personalities, label executives, promoters, publicist, attorneys, songwriters, indie artist, CD manufactures, distributers and social media innovators.
In addition, there will be panels, workshops, presentations, live indie & major artist performances, one-on-one mentoring, J-Lounge kiosk (demo listening, EPK & videos) film screening and an industry trade show.
Jadar Enterta inment will host a red carpet award dinner/reception and a keynote breakfast with distinguish music and film celebrities. Our invited award recipient guest includes many celebrities and VIP’s.
Music/film industry professionals will attend as panelists, speakers, mentors, exhibitors, distributors, and talent scouts to network, do business, and share their experience with musicians, actors, registrants and attendees. The community is invited to join in the celebration of emerging talent, independent artists and new music as all showcase performances are open to the public.
The Indie-Music/Film International Summit mission is one of creativity and sharing.  To showcase, promote, and market Independent artists, actors, producers, songwriters and record labels, etc. and their ideas. We welcome those that are operating in the field of music/film and the arts, it is the best place to create, communicate and participate in the global multi-billion dollar music/film industry forum.
 The Indie-Music/Film International Summit is one of the only unique conferences of its kind to provide a massive gathering of artists, actors, songwriters,  film industry, sponsors, music /film industry executives and music fans from North America, Asia and Europe and beyond with a common goal. We are set to become the main music/film event to revolutionize the music/film industry worldwide. We aim to promote and uplift those involved in all genres of music and film. We welcome independent musicians and record labels, to showcase opportunities and connect artists with clear routes of collaboration within the international music scene.
The Indie-Music/Film International Summit idea was created by Jadar Entertainment to market independent music and film. This convention was also created to promote musicians, actors and fans that have become discouraged, frustrated, and overshadowed. We celebrate and honor artists, actors, creators and fans and bring them together under one roof in the celebration of their Independent ideas, creativity and passion.
The Los Angeles Indie-Music/Film International Summit will give all attendees a new voice and spirit to rejoice in the celebration of music, film creation, imagination and independence!
LA-IMIS connects artists and music/film fans with the most accomplished professionals in the music/film entertainment industry. Artists, actors, solo artists, groups and duos of all genres will be in the position for a chance to advance their careers at panel discussions, featuring top major record label and independent record label executives, top music media and tour producers, casting agents, songwriters, music/film producers and music/film marketing professionals. It’s the perfect opportunity for artists seeking the chance to showcase for music/film industry professionals, fans of live music, those studying music/acting, anyone interested in the business side of music/film and those already active in the field looking to make new contacts.
Event: LA-IMIS
Location: Los Angeles Convention Center
1201 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, California 90015
Date: June 16-17, 2012
Registration opens up at 7:30 am (Event 8:30am- 5:00 pm)
*Join LA-IMIS and participate as a sponsor, exhibitor or advertise your business in our directory, and represent your company or sell your merchandise at the beautiful Los Angeles Convention Center. As a potential sponsor, exhibitor or advertisement you will receive numerous benefits and exposure.  For more information on how to become a sponsor or exhibitor please contact us at contact@jadarentertainment.com
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