Lindsey Releases Alt-Rock-Pop Debut, “Save Me”

A story of conflict, inner strife, and ultimate redemption, alternative rock artist Lindsey calls out “Save Me” in her debut single. The first release from her upcoming project Out of the Ashes, “Save Me” acts as a diary entry, detailing turmoil from rock-bottom, debilitating depression, spiritual warfare.

Watch the “Save Me” music video on YouTube here:

“‘Save Me’ was my cry for help when I felt all help was gone,” says Lindsey of the electro-pop-punk track. “A spark ignited the fire inside of me to stand up and fight back. Telling the darkness that once held me in chains, that I won’t believe the lies any longer.”

Like a candle in the darkness, Lindsey acts as a spokesperson for many with mental health struggles. Resilience is portrayed in “Save Me” as an explosive anthem, with sweeping strings, hard rock candy riffs and moody passages.

“‘Save Me’ shines a light in the darkness for others to know they aren’t alone, and that they can overcome whatever they are struggling with,” continues the Nashville-based artist. “All it takes is a spark. It’s an everyday battle, but you just can’t give up.”

Though “Save Me” represents a grand debut for the post-pop-punk newcomer, Lindsey’s second installment from the Out of the Ashes musical project, titled “Don’t Let Them In”, is slated for release on March 24.

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