Klime Kovaceski and Kovaceski Music Release “Unconquered” Featuring Violin Virtuoso German Dmitriev

UNCONQUERED | Klime Kovaceski featuring German Dmitriev

“Unconquered”, part of the new ‘ORPHANS’ album, breaks the familiar traditions of lyrical structure to deliver a captivating melody that engages the mind, soul, and senses

MIAMI, FLORIDA, JULY 1, 2024 – Klime Kovaceski, founder of Kovaceski Music, has announced the official release of “Unconquered”, which features the mastery of violin virtuoso German Dmitriev.

Dmitriev has played on several songs with Kovaceski in the past, and with “Unconquered”, he delivers an outstanding performance that leaves listeners mystified. “German Dmitriev has played on several of my songs in the past, and his performance in ‘Unconquered’ is just magical,” said Kovaceski.

“Unconquered” also stands apart in many ways by defying the norms of contemporary music. While most contemporary songs repeat themselves in the second half, “Unconquered” weaves in new elements throughout. During the first third of the song, “Unconquered” has a light, happy ambiance. During the second third, there is a similar harmonic progression but a deeper undertone. This evolves, and in this last third, this new single offers a mystical feel.

Also featured on “Unconquered” are female vocalist Tihana Nicolic, voiceover by Daniel Johnson, and male vocalist Ashish Ali. The mix and master is by the amazing Kilien, and the video was created by the ultra talented Abdullah S., both long-time Kovaceski’s collaborators. The video for “Unconquered” is now on YouTube.

This track is featured on the new album ‘ORPHANS’. The album features songs that were previously unreleased and remained in Kovaceski’s archives, including a new version of “When Night Becomes Day.” This track was originally recorded in 1982 for Kovaceski’s band, Fall of Byzantium. Now, all of these previously unheard songs are available for the world to hear. Learn more and watch videos for each single on the album by visiting www.kovaceskimusic.com/music-orphans.html.

Album art for ‘ORPHANS’ was created by world-renowned Macedonian painter Nikola Pijanmanov. “This project offered the unique ability to both reflect back on the music I’ve created over the past few decades while also looking forward,” said Kovaceski. Learn more now by visiting www.kovaceskimusic.com/.

Kovaceski Music is an international music project started by Klime Kovaceski that showcases artists’ innate, raw talent while striking unique collaborations and partnerships.

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Klime Kovaceski – Macedonian/American Songwriter

Klime Kovaceski – Macedonian/American Songwriter