King Cole’s “The Mean Season”

Anyone who loves lively bass playing will adore King Cole’s “The Mean Season”. It is the title track of Cole’s new collection and pops with energetic zeal throughout the course of this cut. The Florida based songwriter and musician has experienced a varied musical career, never on the lips of the public at large, but this may prove the caliber of project needed to carry his name higher than ever before. Cole’s collaboration with singer J. Buck is the critical factor working in the single’s favor – Buck is a true transformative talent who blends superior technical skills with palpable personality coming across in every line.





His writing is another element sure to involve many listeners. It isn’t common for pop songs to embrace the sort of adult point of view I hear in King Cole’s songwriting, but it is digestible and housed inside an entertaining musical framework. It’s a message conveyed time after time in commercially successful music – if you have something important to say, whether its personal, social commentary, or a weaving of both, you are well served by building a listenable arrangement. “The Mean Season” will satisfy anyone in this regard.

One gets the feeling much of this is born from Cole’s personal experiences without ever directly addressing them. He has worked with some of the best the music world offers and his life story is replete with the sort of drama one associates with dramatic pop songs. His father served in the OSS, a precursor to the CIA, and Cole witnessed the stresses of his father’s job contribute to compromising his health.  This is songwriting that has endured life’s agonies at their worst and emerges from the other scathed but remarkably whole.

King Cole

King Cole, Category: Artist, Singles: The Mean Season, Top Tracks: The Mean Season, Biography: Sometimes a tune written by a brilliant, insightful songwriter you've never heard of meets the sociopolitical moment in unimaginably provocative ways., Monthly Listeners: 9001, Where People Listen: Sydney, Quezon City, London, Brisbane, Los Angeles

The musicianship powering the track is first rate. The percussion is likely computer-generated, but the bass playing and drumming nevertheless connect with you from the outset. This is physical music. Its funkified tone has melody working in its favor as well. “The Mean Season”, appreciated in full, is the total package and sets the stage well for Cole to experience a memorable 2021.

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Buck’s singing will put it over the top for many. There are some additional vocal touches present in the song but it’s Buck who leads the way and this exceptional young talent has a likable demeanor that will hook many listeners into the track. His phrasing throughout the recording is confident yet relaxed. Cole plans on releasing an assortment of singles from his new album release and if “The Mean Season” signals the quality we can expect with future releases, King Cole’s immediate future is bright. This new single will garner him an enormous amount of attention and praise and open the door to further tracks building on its momentum. “The Mean Season” is a must-hear for anyone interested in grown-up pop music rather than the disposable fare crowding our modern airwaves. It will reaffirm the faith of those familiar with Cole’s talents and convert many new fans.

Clay Burton