Kid Souf is Moving Forward In Pop Track “Party Favors”

Philadelphia’s DJ and singer Kid Souf is continuing to electrify the scene, this time with his new single, “Party Favors.” The next phase in previously released singles, “The One That Makes Me Cry,” “Waterproof Mascara,” and “Lover Boy,” this track is the newest addition to his sonic narrative. A quick paced melody with a knocking beat, “Party Favors,” embodies the essence of pop through its high vocals and joyful attitude. The track itself sees Kid Souf reflect on a relationship and realize the full extent to which he was affected by it, choosing to let go and channel that into a cathartic experience rather than dwell on the pain.

“This song is about taking a step back and fully realizing the way that a relationship affects you. I was cheated on so many times and kept coming back thinking it didn’t get to me until I had no self esteem to speak of. It wasn’t until I finally left, began CrossFit and therapy and manifesting my transformation that I got the chance to look back and see just how seriously I was personally affected by that relationship.” – Kid Souf

Philadelphia native, Kid Souf, brings his flair of late 70s and early 80s disco music back to his city. Combining these tropes with the maximalist style of 2010s pop, Kid Souf has perfected his classic sound for the modern world stage. Kid Souf experienced hardships growing up as a queer child in a hyper-religious cult in the early 2000s. Longing for connection with the outside world, he soon found himself listening to his secret radio on the lowest volume possible after his family fell asleep. He would listen to local top 40 stations all night, every night. The sounds of Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and many more from that era still inspire him today. As a way out of a dark time, pop music and culture soon became his biggest obsession and inspired the intricate, catchy, wall of sound that Kid Souf is known for today.

“Party Favors” is available from streaming across all DSPs today.