Judy Cheeks has once again collaborated with Shaun O’Shea to produce another masterpiece! Love Dancin’ embodies the very essence of Judy. It’s a soulful tapestry of her life, her friends, her experiences and most of all her passion. Every song is delivered in a way that makes listeners feel she’s tapped on the windows of their souls and whispered their innermost secrets back to them… letting them know we’re on this journey of life together…and that “Love’s Got to Find Love”.

The album starts with “Safe In Your Arms” written by Judy’s lifelong friend Betty Wright. It is just a little glimpse into their childhood together. While other kids were basking in the Miami heat playing games and amusing themselves, Judy and Betty were at Judy’s piano writing songs and imitating their favourite Gospel singers. Even at such a tender age, they both lived for music! This is their first professional collaboration but it’s indicative of the bond they share musically and privately. There is a Miami feel to the song enhanced by Betty’s amazingly soulful voice at the very end… It’s a real treat!

Another friend is the incomparable Stevie Wonder! Over the years Stevie and Judy have written several songs together, one of which “ If I Were You” was on the Danger Zone album.  The two first met in Germany when Judy sang on Stevie’s “The Woman In Red” album and have remained friends.

“Love Dancin’” is one of the most exciting tracks on this album… It’s funky, full of fun and carries a powerful message of the strength of lovers who triumph over bad times.

Every song on this album touches you in a way that’s so personal and intimate it’s amazing… Judy is known for her passionate delivery of songs but this album goes deeper…
It’s very personal yet universal.

Perhaps the most profound element of this project is friendship…
Shaun O’Shea has known Judy Cheeks’ music since he was 12 years old… Never in his wildest dreams as he stared at her Mellow Lovin’ album cover all those years ago, could he have imagined he would have the opportunity of working with her. He was a little boy sick with a common tick bite fever in South Africa when his mother brought home 3 albums all of which Judy Cheeks was singing on. He felt then the healing power of music and it has never left him.
Through social media he and Judy have become the very best of friends. When Shaun confided in Judy about his recent and more severe health issues, Judy began writing songs for him. She always prayed that her music would bring healing…and she wanted to cheer him up and give him hope. Shaun was so moved by her personal and direct act of love he cried tears of pure joy … After seeing how much it lifted him, she began digging through her bag of songs she had stored away… and found the most amazing jewels that Shaun felt the world needed to hear…
This was the birth of an amazing friendship but it’s also the essence of love…
Shaun has presented Judy to the world as he sees her… He creates videos, does all the producing and mixing of the albums and has even designed the latest album cover. He feels it is giving him purpose … no one has ever so lovingly and beautifully presented Judy the way Shaun has…
And now he’s sharing his vision with the world…
It’s a testament of love, friendship and life.

Love Dancin’ will be released on all digital download platforms on 5 January 2020
Preorders and instant gratification track available from 22 December 2019

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