Jonatha Brooke’s theatricality is apparent in honest new track ‘Imposter’

Jonatha Brooke’s theatricality is apparent in honest new track ‘Imposter’

Jonatha Brooke has had experience writing for both Disney and Katy Perry, but this seasoned songstress is taking some time out to write for herself, and we’re so glad she did.

‘Imposter’ is the title track of her new EP and was the first song Brooke wrote for her NYC song club, for which she had promised to deliver something new every two weeks. It is a love letter to her tendency to be her own worst critic, something which we are all guilty of. The song is refreshingly honest and relatable in its message. Jonatha’s background in theatricalities is also made apparent in the instrumentation of the track since it comprises of dynamic percussion and brass section.

Having completed a run of her one-woman musical My Mother Has Four Noses in 2014 (written about looking after her mother who suffered from Alzheimer’s), Brooke translates her observations of the human experience into song form, presenting us with a frank discussion of the shortcomings of self-awareness. Her keen talent for putting this issue into words is made apparent in this track. The ‘Imposter’ lyrics stand out against the sparse yet effective instrumentation due to their pure honesty, something which permeates the EP as a whole, dealing as it does with themes of acceptance, resolution, and love.

Brooke has two projects on the go currently, ‘Quadroon’ with the late great jazz pianist and composer Joe Sample, and ‘Switched’ with playwright Geoffrey Naufft, in addition to the ‘Imposter’ release on the 15th November – this is a woman whose creativity clearly knows no bounds and the outcomes of this brilliant mind are definitely ones to watch out for.

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