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Location: Copenhagen, Denmark, Denmark
Description: Stevie Wonder was caught humming one of Jonas’ songs, saying “when can I get my copy of the album?”. Since he’s shared studio and stage moments with Omar, John Legend, Bilal, Lynden David Hall, Sy Smith, Eric Roberson a.o. WAITT is soul music at its
Biography: Following his debut album “Sweet Dreams Guaranteed” Jonas now returns with “WAITT” – an album entirely based on the concept and statement “We Are In This Together”.

A visionary and an entrepreneur, he has continued to challenge the hierarchy of the record industry and found his own ground to build a music career on. Among many of its achievements “Sweet Dreams Guaranteed” was listed in the Top 25 Soul Releases in the UK magazine ECHOES and Essential Album of the Month in Blues & Soul Magazine, and “WAITT” looks to become a vehicle for even bigger success and recognition around the globe.

Jonas talent, ambition and focus is impossible to ignore. Since early childhood music has been Jonas greatest passion, urging him to sing and play guitar, bass and keys. He formed the band Jonz and landed a worldwide recording deal with Sony Music all the way back in 1998, but like many other self assured artists turned to the independent route. Since taking matters in his own hands, the journey has been increasingly rewarding – from touring most of Europe, US and even Africa promoting his music, to getting airplay and press coverage from Nuuk to Nairobi to New York.

The new album “WAITT” will be released alongside a DVD documentary featuring footage from the recording of the album, in-depth interviews, songwriting sessions, live concerts and more. “WAITT” is 13 songs recorded live with a full band in the studio in just 3 days. The album is produced by long-time musical partner and keyboard player Daniel Fridell. He helped arrange everything on the spot, as the involved musicians were only introduced to the songs when the recording session started!

Jonas and Daniel’s idea was to capture a spontaneous and live feeling, with all its little quirks and magic imperfections. This way of recording was how albums were done back in the day – at Motown for example – but is truly a rare choice in these times, when everything can be layered, overdubbed, edited and manipulated into glossy perfection inside the computer. Still most people would agree that some of the magic you can hear on those old records don’t come around much anymore.

Jonas handpicked an absolute dream team of musicians in Denmark, Sweden and USA. Each one with loads of personality to their sound, skills and great taste. Because of the collective and spontaneous way of recording, “WAITT” is not only Jonas personal statement, but just as much individual fingerprints of these musicians personal styles and expression. “WAITT” is a walk down the old road to rediscover some of the magic in music.

We Are In This Together

Review of “WAITT” from
Close your eyes and imagine if Sade, Al Green, D’Angelo, Stevie Wonder, and Eric Clapton got together and had a spontaneous jam session. That level of auditory bliss is exactly what you get in Jonas’ Waitt. This thirteen track album is premium soul music from beginning to end. Included is a DVD containing a documentary and 2 music videos. Hailing from Denmark, Jonas brought together a group of outrageously talented musicians and writers to record this live studio album. In just three days, he and the musicians who were only introduced to the music when they arrived, birthed Waitt. The combination of Jonas’ silky voice, accompanied by all the live instruments, takes you on a very intimate emotional journey. There is nothing cookie-cutter or formulaic about this set. Waitt is truly organic. The rich music, flawless production, thoughtful lyrics, polished yet natural and gritty vocals; all come together in perfect synergy. It’s a treat in this era to hear an album utilizing a 1975 Fender jazz bass, 1970 Hammond B3 organ, 1962 Ludwig drums, and so much more all in a live studio recording.
This album is of such high quality that there are no ‘filler’ songs, no boring points, and no songs that sound alike. Yet, everything flows. As excellent as every song is, there are a few that deserve special recognition. ‘Chariot’ feels like you are taking a leisurely walk down an abandoned train track on a hot summer day. It combines soul, blues, reggae, and folk all in one. ‘Crash and Burn’ is an anthem encouraging a sense of community and peace in the world instead of alienation. In it, Jonas says: “Chasing paper, slavery labor/There’s a lesson to be learned/You know you ought to love thy neighbor/Or we’re gonna crash and burn.” ‘Balance On the End’ is the most intimate and soulful track on the album. Experiencing this track’s lyrics, vocals, and ethereal instrumentation is like eavesdropping on a lover’s vocal diary. On ‘Sensational’, Jonas teams up with neo-soul master Omar Lye-Fook, Scratch Professor, and Daniel Fridell to make you close your eyes and nod your head to music. Waitt is truly complete. It lacks nothing, is perfectly paced, well-produced, and makes you want more.

– Ranier Simons

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